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I have this web project testsite.testsite.com.

But now I had to move this project over to testsite2.testsite.com. And now I have cleared my webcache catalog in my profile. But something is wrong because when I open my web project at my new address I compile it, and when I run the project via IE I get an error message which is a NullreferenceException. But the strange thing is that when I look at the paths of the files it has the path to a folder in my webcache named testsite.testsite.com (my old site) which is deleted

how do I clean up in this?
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123654789987Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Every web project has project.webInfo file. Open this file and see the path that is mapped for the project.

Also see that the IIS has a virtual directory mapped to the right project
betocarranzaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The easiest way would be to replace every instance of testsite with testsite2, and ensure you have copied all files correctly (including any hidden files and folders).
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