Fireline Hotdrive has stopped.... or more accurately, cannot start. (Code 10)

I'ev been using Windows XP on both of my laptops for a couple of years now. As a backup option I bought a 20GB Evergreen Fireline Hotdrive. This has been working perfectly for over a year, up until the last week....

I've plugged it into both laptops, and in the hardware section now get the same yellow exclamation mark next to device name 'LSI Logic SYM13FW500-DISK DRIVE IEEE 1394 SBP2 Device' with the device status as 'This device cannot start. (Code 10)'.

I've uninstalled, unplugged, rebooted, restarted in all orts of orders, and on both laptops... all with the same result....

Is it a hardware problem with my drive? Both computers know something is plugged in, but are asigning it the wrong driver?

Look forward to your help - thanks!
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ric176Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I am going to request closure/deletion f this question.

I solved m own problem - The (power) plug for the drive has various ac / dc settings.... It somehow had slipped to the wrong setting, so while there was enough power to light the light, there wasn't enough power to drive the drive....

Sorry for being a muppet and thank you all for your responses.
>>> Is it a hardware problem with my drive?

it looks like somethingh it wrong with the drive. It could be the USB cable or the drive itself

 try using the free diagnostic utility from the vendor of your disk to check for problems with the disk.


IBM and Hitachi 




Western Digital 
ric176Author Commented:
I've looked on the Evergreen Technologies site ( and can't find anything that helps....
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Try to run EverGreen Technologies diagnostic utility to see what is going on?
Checkout the 'Miscellaneous Files' section...  

This may help us or you solving the problem...

ric176Author Commented:
I'd already tried that - it seems to be a utility that tries to write to the a:/ drive.....
I guess it is writing an image data that will allow you to boot from floppy and run full comprehancive tests. Try to go along with the data writing and use a floppy to apply that image copying...

Have you installed Windows XP SP2 recently ?

This SP2 has some known issues !!
ric176Author Commented:
I checked the downloads and they are tools for other utilities/drives/cpus....

I also checked - I am still running SP1 ...
ok, you can try to remove or "uninstall" the yellow exclamation mark device !

Then try to connect the device again !

Force the New Hardware discovery and tell us what happened !

Also check the Event Viewer for any error and let us know about it !

Best Regards !
ric176Author Commented:
Nope, I keep uninstalling and reinstalling, manually and letting the computer 'find' the device... it always ends up 'Code 10'

Where is the Event Viewer?
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