I need a good Calendar function for a web application !!! Help needed !!! Please !!!

Hi !
I developed a web application with many input field and drop down menus (select boxes).
In the moment I use a Layer-based calender which appears, if I click a button beside the input filed which has to be filled with the date value. This is working fine, unless there is a <select> tag or something like this above or below the appearing calendar layer.
The problem is, that  for e.g. the <select> tags have "a higher priority" than the layers, so the tags a showing through the calendar layer. now you cannot select anything in the calendar layer because you only could see the select boxes which are showing through.

Is there anybody who has an idea to for e.g. implement a positionable pop-up calendar which is using for example windows component (or vbscript etc.) ?

I dont want to use a calendar which is opened via a new browser window or anything like that. This is to slow. It should appear immediately by clicking the "Date" button in the web application.

I made a screenshot which shows the problem, Im talking about here:


Could anyone help me with this ?



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mzohnerAuthor Commented:
Hi !
Thanks, but the first one is web page dialog which does not appear immediately.
The most of the second ones are layers.

What I need, sould be a vbscript or something like this.

BUT!!!: I´m using JSP , NOT ASP. TZhats the problem.

Maybe someone has an idea to implement a "windows component" likely calendar ...

jcrumbleConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As I've faced the same dilema, I've only got two suggestions.

The first is probably very similar to the popup calendar anilmane  suggested.  It is located here:

The only is only if you have to use layers/divs.  Basically it's like you said the <select> tags have a higher priority in the browser than the layers your trying to display.  When I've been stuck using a calendar in a division in the past what I've had to do was not only display the layer the calendar is in but also to put the <select> tags etc in layers I could hide while I show the calendar div/layer.  Then when the user selects their date and populates the textbox/dropdown boxes with the appropriate date, you just have to reshow your layers containing your <select> tags.

Hope this helps and Good Luck,
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aprestoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try this:

Helped me out alot, its code in ASP.NET format but will work with classic ASP

jay_eireConnect With a Mentor Commented:


#Written in 100% JavaScript, no installation process needed on the client side.
#Support all major browsers on Windows, MacOS, Linux and Solaris.
#Calendar look is extremely customizable and can be switched among different themes.
#Lightweight and high-performance, main engine is only around 20KB in size.
#Bulletproof* calendar panel won't be penetrated by any form elements.
#Various fascinating effects to highlight selected date, today, agendas and holidays.
#Sophisticated dynamic date range support, visually strike-out any disabled date.
#Retrieving agendas from either script file or backend database.
#Auto-adaptive or static positioning with localizer support.
#Powerful date parsing and auto-correction.
#Contextual agenda messages in status-bar and/or tooltips.
#Versatile and removable top/bottom sections.
#Diversified context-sensitive behaviors, like popups, auto-mail or any JavaScript statement.
#USA/Europe/ISO-8601 conformant calendar formats and week numbers.
#Build-in major date formats support and can be expanded to deal with any format via your own plugins.
#Unicode compliant and ready for localization and/or internationalization.
#Unique plug-in design maximizes the extensibility.
#Expandable holiday function can accommodate most sophisticated holiday algorithms.
#Unlimited date pickers on the same page and the engine only need to be loaded once.
#Agenda can be shared across multiple calendars, even with FlatCalendarXP.
#Easy to install, easy to use. (NN4 needs more care)
#Fully compatible with ASP.NET, JSP, PHP, ColdFusion and other cgi technologies.
and a lot more ...
miyakoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You may be able to fix the layer you were originally using by assigning it a z-index value that is higher than all other elements on the page.  That way, it will display above everything else.
You can do this two ways, either use a style attribute in the tag:

<DIV style="z-index=1000".......>

or, using css to assign a class or id, then set z-index:1000; in the style rule.
jmanGJHS97Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Here's a JavaScript calendar I and a buddy of mine wrote.  Is it along the lines of what you're looking for?


Sorry, in my previous post, there is a syntax error...should have been:
<DIV style="z-index:1000" ... >

Also, I have a PHP calendar that is pretty good if you are interested...
I talked to the guy who helped write the calendar, and he's not up for giving away the source code for it.  Sorry about that.

Is anythinf actually happening with this thread? Have you found your answer here - if you havent you should contact EE admin and get them to close it or something
i think that we all gave quite valid responses to the initial request, in my eyes the question was for a calendar function and this thread is a reference for a good few! i would suggest split the points between all responses classed as 'valid' in your opinion
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