Mapping folders from a Windows 98 computer to a Windows 2003 Server

I've got this very irritating problem. Hope someone out there can help.

There is a folder on the server that needs to be shared (read only). In this folder there are many subfolders that must also be shared (read and write).

Now if I use network neighbourhood in Windows 98, and open the individual folders everything works out fine.

But if I map the root folder (which is readonly) under My Computer and open it, and then open a subfolder from the same window, the subfolder somehow inherits the readonly property of its parent folder.

Is there a fix to this?


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garyyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Set the root shared folder to read and write and then secure the ntfs security to read on the root folder and read+write of the subfolders.
This should help

Always remember to use both share level permissions and ntfs file permissions.

sis5Author Commented:
worked like a charm. i forgot that there r 2 levels of permissions

thanks Gary
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