Get SerialNumber via Script

Posted on 2004-08-31
Last Modified: 2010-04-17
Hi experts,
i have a problem with my script, which reads out the SerialNumber of my PCs,
but i doesn't work on Serverhardware (the most are DELL PowerEdge 2550 and 2650).
Here is  the script:

dim fso, txtfile, serversfile
dim server, strSN

set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
set txtfile = fso.CreateTextFile("C:\serialnumbers.txt")
set serverfile = fso.OpenTextFile("C:\servers.txt")

do while not serverfile.AtEndOfStream
      server = serverfile.ReadLine
      set BIOSSet = GetObject("winmgmts:{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!\\" &server & "\root\cimv2").ExecQuery("select SerialNumber from Win32_BIOS")
      for each BIOS in BIOSSet
            strSN = BIOS.SerialNumber
            txtfile.writeline  server &"   " &strSN

Question by:merowinger

Accepted Solution

rsriprac earned 250 total points
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This requires the WMI API (


$serv_tag = WMIQuery("SerialNumber","Win32_SystemEnclosure","winmgmts","\root\cimv2")
If InStr($serv_tag," ")
   $serv_tag = WMIQuery("SmBiosAssetTag","Win32_SystemEnclosure","winmgmts","\root\cimv2")
Function WMIQuery($what,$from,$type,$namespace, optional $computer,optional $where, optional $x)
   Dim $strQuery, $objEnumerator, $value, $item
   If NOT $computer $computer="@WKSTA" EndIf
   $strQuery = "Select $what From $from"
   If $where AND $x $strQuery = $strQuery + " Where $where = '$x'" EndIf
   $SystemSet = GetObject($type + ":{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!//$computer"+ $namespace)
   If @error Exit 1 Return EndIf
   $objEnumerator = $SystemSet.ExecQuery($strQuery)
   For Each $objInstance in $objEnumerator
      If @Error = 0 AND $objInstance <> ""
         $=Execute("$$value = $$objInstance.$what")
         Case VarType($value) = 8204
            For Each $item in $value $WMIQuery = "$item" +"|"+"$WMIQuery" Next
         Case VarType($value) = 8 $WMIQuery = "$value"+"|"+"$WMIQuery"
         Case VarType($value) = 3 $WMIQuery = "$value"+"|"+"$WMIQuery"
         Case 1 $WMIQuery = "Unhandled data type returned: " + VarTypeName($value) + "(" + VarType($value) + ")"
   Exit @error


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