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I am setting up a few laptops and was wondering what is the best strategy for using Exchange with Outlook?  I would like Outlook to retain all the ususal information when connected and when not connected to the network.

Are these settings configured within Outlook or do I need to configure IMAP?  As of this time,  Outlook will only retain the certain pieces of information, such as the top inbox, contacts and calendar when not connected to the network.

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S_PurksConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Scbb,

In Outlook 2000, go Tools>Sycronization>Offline Folder Settings. There you should be able to specify what syncronizes, for instance, there should be a expand (plus sign) button next to your inbox if you have sub folders in your inbox. Once expanded you can check mark what sub folders you what to sync. In Outlook XP it is Tools>Send/Receive Settings>Define Send/Receive Groups, then edit the Group name but, from there it should be the same.

Good luck with you project. I hope this helps you.  
No need to configure an IMAP on this one.  It is built into Outlook, but need to know which version to give you the proper instructions.
I should have stated that this should be done while you are connected to the network.  
scbbAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help!
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