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API Printing - Orientation

Using the printing api, how do I change the orientation from portrait to landscape for the printing of my document only?
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1 Solution
Hi! What about something like this:

Printer.Orientation = vbPRORLandscape

and you can change it back after printing
ClifAuthor Commented:
I can't use the printer object because the printer I am printing to isn't (necessarily) in the user's printer collection.
Try using these APIs: OpenPrinter, GetPrinter, SetPrinter, ClosePrinter

Here are two structures that you need:

   pDatatype As String
   pDevMode As Long
   DesiredAccess As Long
End Type

Private Type DEVMODE
    dmDeviceName As String * CCHDEVICENAME
    dmSpecVersion As Integer
    dmDriverVersion As Integer
    dmSize As Integer
    dmDriverExtra As Integer
    dmFields As Long
    dmOrientation As Integer
    dmPaperSize As Integer
    dmPaperLength As Integer
    dmPaperWidth As Integer
    dmScale As Integer
    dmCopies As Integer
    dmDefaultSource As Integer
    dmPrintQuality As Integer
    dmColor As Integer
    dmDuplex As Integer
    dmYResolution As Integer
    dmTTOption As Integer
    dmCollate As Integer
    dmFormName As String * CCHFORMNAME
    dmUnusedPadding As Integer
    dmBitsPerPel As Integer
    dmPelsWidth As Long
    dmPelsHeight As Long
    dmDisplayFlags As Long
    dmDisplayFrequency As Long
End Type

Good luck!
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ClifAuthor Commented:
Can you pupply either some working code or a link to an example of how to use this?
ClifAuthor Commented:
Sorry, fat fingers.  :)

Can you supply either some working code or a link to an example of how to use this?
ClifAuthor Commented:
It doesn't work.  The link you provided was for VB3.  I did find a 32 bit declaration for Escape, but it still didn't work.
ClifAuthor Commented:
To the best that I can figure, the code from the link you provided uses a printer dialog for a lot of the code.

I did find some sample code.  Here is what I have (but doesn't work):

Public Function Orientation(ByVal eOrientation As PrinterOrientationConstants) As Boolean
    Dim bDevMode() As Byte
    Dim bPrinterInfo2() As Byte
    Dim hPrinter As Long
    Dim lResult As Long
    Dim nSize As Long
    Dim dm As DevMode
    Dim pi2 As PRINTER_INFO_2
    ' Get a handle to the printer.
    If OpenPrinterAPI(m_sPrinterName, hPrinter, 0) Then
        ' Get number of bytes requires for PRINTER_INFO_2 structure
        Call GetPrinter(hPrinter, 2&, 0&, 0&, nSize)
        ' Create a buffer of the required size
        ReDim bPrinterInfo2(1 To nSize) As Byte
        ' Fill buffer with structure
        lResult = GetPrinter(hPrinter, 2, bPrinterInfo2(1), nSize, nSize)
        ' Copy fixed portion of structure into VB Type variable
        Call CopyMemory(pi2, bPrinterInfo2(1), Len(pi2))
        ' Get number of bytes requires for DEVMODE structure
        nSize = DocumentProperties(0&, hPrinter, m_sPrinterName, 0&, 0&, 0)
        ' Create a buffer of the required size
        ReDim bDevMode(1 To nSize)
        ' If PRINTER_INFO_2 points to a DEVMODE structure, copy it into our buffer
        If pi2.pDevMode Then
            Call CopyMemory(bDevMode(1), ByVal pi2.pDevMode, Len(dm))
            ' Otherwise, call DocumentProperties to get a DEVMODE structure
            Call DocumentProperties(0&, hPrinter, m_sPrinterName, bDevMode(1), 0&, DM_OUT_BUFFER)
        End If
        ' Copy fixed portion of structure into VB Type variable
        Call CopyMemory(dm, bDevMode(1), Len(dm))
        With dm
            ' Set new orientation
            .dmOrientation = eOrientation
            .dmFields = DM_ORIENTATION
        End With
        ' Copy our Type back into buffer
        Call CopyMemory(bDevMode(1), dm, Len(dm))
        ' Set new orientation
        Call DocumentProperties(0&, hPrinter, m_sPrinterName, bDevMode(1), bDevMode(1), DM_IN_BUFFER Or DM_OUT_BUFFER)
        ' Point PRINTER_INFO_2 at our modified DEVMODE
        pi2.pDevMode = VarPtr(bDevMode(1))
        ' Set new orientation system-wide
        lResult = SetPrinter(hPrinter, 2, pi2, 0&)
        ' Clean up and exit
        Call ClosePrinterAPI(hPrinter)
        Orientation = True
        Orientation = False
    End If
End Function

The way I understand this code, the orientation will remain changed.  This is ok since I can easily set it to landscape, print, then change it back to portrait.

Currently, I create a DC to the printer, then call the above function setting the printer to landscape, TextOut what I need to, call the function again setting the printer to portrait, then destroy the DC I created.

However, like I said, it doesn't seem to be working.  The page(s) still come out in poprtrait.
ClifAuthor Commented:
After writing the last post, I decided to try setting the orientation *before* I created the DC.  It works.

Because you led me to the code that worked, you get the points.  Thanks.
Glad you got it to work! Thanks for the points!

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