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I have an IDS device, I got also a Evient viewer to see the Alarms,
my question is i can see the alarms with a different levels ( low, high, etc) how can i see the action that the sensor will take incase there is a high alams. i have event viewer and IDM.

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lrmooreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The sensor will not take any actions. It only records/reports the events (that's why it is called a sensor)
Cisco Threat Response (CTR) runs on another server and can take designated actions in response to specified alarms.
Or, you need Cisco MVS running on a server that can integrate your firewalls and screening access routers to take actions based on specific alarms.
None of them are going to take any action that you do not specifically configure it to take.
ibmas4002Author Commented:
Thanks Irmoore,

but if i will will configure the blocking devices and other settings from the IDM, will I be able to set the actions?

see i have only the event viewer and the IDM, i dont have VMS, so can i manage our IDS.

Thanks for answer.

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