Create web photo album: image files appear in wrong order

I am using the "Create web photo album" command in DreamWeaver MX.  I have tried it on 2 different computers, each running Windows XP SP1.  On one of the computers the created photo album has the image files in the wrong order (ie not alphabetically-sorted).  The behavior of that computer is always the same - and always wrong!  However when I run the command on a copy of the same data on my other computer the program gets it right: the resulting album contains the images sorted correctly in alphabetical order.
Presumably the explanation has something to do with Windows settings - but what settings??
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alexhoganConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Since you are on a Novell network you shouldn't be able to map using windows directly.  If you can, then that's what I would do.

However, I think that the admins have locked that out so you'll have to use the script.  But that only mapps to the shared drive.  You should be able to sort as you please from your mapping to the share.

What happens with Novell is that when you log off the system or turn off your computer, the next time you log on the scripts are run and all the settings that you may have had for anything like directory sorts are going to be lost and you'll have to go through that process all over again.  Gotta love Novell for that.

You can add parameters to the script that will do a multitude of things, but I don't know all of them or remember the ones that I used to use.

You should be able to Google for Novell mapping scripts and get some hits that would give a list of the params.
rockmansatticConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Dont know about a windows setting, but this function (create web ...) calls a Fireworks to create the album.  DW really doesnt have anything to do with it.  I would suggest locating the folder in windows and arangeing them by name.  That may help with Fireworks when it gets the images.

Hope that helps
rashieldsAuthor Commented:
Thanks, rockmansattic.

Since posting the question I have found a workaround that is similar to what you suggest.  I realised that when I use the problem computer the folder of images is actually on a network drive (Novell 4.11).  If I copy the whole folder to my local c:-drive then Create Web Photo Album command works fine - the images get sorted alphabetically by filename.

So maybe this question is posted in the wrong area - it's a Novell/Windows issue.  Why don't the files get properly sorted when the folder is on a network drive?
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Novell is only the network that is being used and will have nothing to do with file sorting.

The server that the files reside on will.

When you map to that drive do the files display in the sorted order that you want?
I've seen a lot of servers that have the sort set to date.  That way users and admins can see the latest files.

When you map to that drive you can set the sort on your mapping.  Then when you access that dirve access it through the mapped drive letter and you should get the same results as copying them to a local drive.
rashieldsAuthor Commented:

That's fascinating!  Our mapping is done with a Novell login script.  The relevant line is:

 MAP ROOT S:=servername\DATA:\SHARED

Is there a modification that I could make to this line to force an alphabetical sort?  Or would you recommend that I scrap this method of mapping and rely on Windows to remember the last session?
rashieldsAuthor Commented:
Well I tried mapping directly in Windows to the subdirectory on the network drive.  Nothing stops me doing this.  But I cannot see any way in Windows mapping to sort the files.  When I use DW to create web photo album and refer to this Windows-mapped folder, it gets the order of the files wrong - just as when I use the Novell mapping.

BTW the "wrong" order is not sorted by date or anything that I can recognise.  It's pseudo-random.  But it's always the same.

Thinking about your other solution - sort when mapping in Novell - I cannot find any reference to that.  I have seen reference to sorting by date, but of course I want to force an alphabetical sort.  I can't see how to do that either in Windows or in Novell mapping.  
rashieldsAuthor Commented:
Thank you both, Rockman and Alex, for trying.  It was helpful, but I didn't really get a good answer - only a workaround.  Anyway I have split the points between you.
Maybe we'll have better success with the next question, also about the same slightly buggy feature of DW...
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