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It all started with a smell of burned plastic from my pc

It all started one morning in the beginning of May when i woke up to a burned smell from my pc!!! First thing I checked was system and cpu temp and both where ok. Then the hole system just crashed and I could not get it up and go again.
I thought the smell came from the PSU so I bought a new one, my old PSU was of the budget type so I found it smart to buy a new (Fortron). Then I tried to boot my PC with an other hardrive with win xp installed on it. That worked fine, so I decided to buy a new hardrive and expected all my sorrows to be gone. But during installation of Win xp all kinds of stop errors popped up.
First I got Paged fault in non paged area, then reboot then bad pool caller, reboot  and then driver irql not less or equal.
After a lot of restarts I where able to install Windows xp.
but every time after rebooting it said that it had recoverd from a serious error caused by a device driver (video driver according to the report from Microsoft)
I also got some reports saying that Audio devices where not installed properly(on board) but that stopped after installing drivers from the disk following the motherboard.
I did update windows incl sp2 and installed all the newest drivers, but the computer just became more and more unstable auto rebooted several times and it ended in another crash. I could get it up and go again but with the same procedure as mentioned abow... 20 restarts during clean winxp install.
I borowed a graphic card and memory from work but that did not help at all.
My system Athlon xp1800 with 512MB pc2700, palit daytona ti4200 mounted on a Jetway V266B mobo.
Since I have tried my system with new: hardrive, memory, PSU, video card and bios update I guess it all comes down to the mobo but it would be nice to heare if any one have any other idea or experience with similar symptoms.
Some details about the stop errors:
Page fault in non page area:
Bad pool caller:
Driver irql not less or equal:
1 Solution
check out if the memory simms are loose in connection..
if not, check them in another machine if must have given up do to the power problems.

or you can download the memory tester from and run the complete test
It could also be your CPU.  Since you have tried everything except them two things, then I would first check the motherboard and then the CPU.  

The errors that you have recieved are usually caused by RAM, CPU, or the motherboard and sometimes the hard drive.   Since you still recieved the error with different RAM you can rule out that and the hard drive.  Which is what you have done, which is good.  

What I would do is check the motherboard over carefully.  Look for bad capacitors.  Capacitors should be flat on top and not bulge on the sides or the top.  They should also not be leaking anything.  Flip the motherboard over and look at the bottom.  Look for small burnt spots on the board.  The burnt smell that you smelled was probably Ozone, common with electrical componets.  The errors that you are getting are very common when you have bad capacitors.  Even if you don't see anything, I would still put the CPU in a different motherboard and see if it works better.  

Tell use how that goes.
I've heard that the Jetway motherboards are fairly low-budget boards, and it's not rare for a power supply to take out the motherboard (and sometimes other components) on it's way out. It could well be that the motherboard has taken a bit of damage, which has borked it a bit so that it's not workin the way it should.
Basically what Buckeyes said :-P
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BrigtAuthor Commented:
Sorry it took time until I could responde. I have been sick for some time.
I I could not find any burned spots under the board but i found a lot of bad capacitors (bulge and leaking on the top). 2 close to the AGP slot and 6 close to the CPU
I do not have any other A socket mainboard to try out so I guess I just have to buy one and hope that it will do the trick.
Bad capacitors = bad motherboard  you will have to get a new motherboard.

BrigtAuthor Commented:
I bought a new mobo, MSI this time, and everything works fine now even though something strange happend right after clean install.  It was a service called "mssys" that keept making trouble. I found that strange since this was a clean install updatet with Autopatcher. This "mssys" blanked out the screen and I think downloaded som trojans too. Any way my system worked excelent after throwing that thing out.
Thanks to buckeyes33, you got those points and ..Wattsbo.. I will not buy a single product from Jetway again.
your welcome.
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