How to extract word from a graphic


If I got a picture with some word on it, how can I extract the picture without that word? Any graphic software to help?

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There is no way to do this in general. The word can be removed, but there is no information stored in an image about what's behind the word, so it can't be recreated.

The best solution is dependent on the image in question. If it's a simple texture in the area of the word, use a clone brush to copy over the word. Change your source regularly to break up the pattern. More complex images are harder or impossible.

some formats do have information stored along with the image that might be useful to do what you want, like fireworks' .png. altough this formats are very rare to find in websites. Please post a reference to download de image and try to help.

I hope this short tutorial can illustrate what gbentley suggested: (It's for Paint Shop Pro but the mechanics apply to any image edition software like photoshop, photopaint, gimp, etc)

Yes clone brush it from the surrounding area or crop the image and try to take the word out.
If the word is slap bang in the middle the clone brush with one of the programs raindog mentioned :)
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You can use an OCR software like Omni Page Pro and extract your graphic as word or pdf file.
>>There is no way to do this in general<<

Actually OCR does this. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) it's an option on most scanning software.
Load the image into the scanning software and use OCR.

This is why you see images with distorted characters on web pages for sign in etc. They are thwarting
OCR hackers and robots. They are called CAPTCHA images.
CAPTCHA = Completely Automated Public Turing test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart

Images like...
spiderfix - hllim doesn't want the text. He/she wants the picture without the text.
Tnx gbentley. Disregard my post hllim.
clone tool + blur can work wonders. photoshop is awesome at blending stuff in. a little more info would be helpful (like... is it just text in the middle of very little "stuff" or is it covering a lot of details?)
Hire a image doctor.

If you dont have any idea how to get rid of the text yourself and you need it gone quick i dont think its practical to learn how in a short notice, read above!


PaintShop Pro

and do what they said with clone stamp on a soft setting.

I feel the question was answered firstly by gbentley and I feel he/she should be awarded with the correct answer although some others and myself contributed to the same type of answer.


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