network access very slow

dear all,
        i  have a a problem accesing my network. i dunt know what had going on. i have win xp pro and win2k server. when PC winxp pro accessed to any pc(winxp pro), the netwrok very slow to access others pc. But when i using win2k server to access others pc, it seem no problem and very fast. what is the problem i facing?

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bjessupConnect With a Mentor Commented: This is a link to another page that involves Windows XP,  the accepted answer for this problem might work for you also.  The problem you describe sounds a bit like a lookup problem, but I will investigate further.
What specifically is slow?  Is the initial access slow, the data transfer, or both?  By this I mean, when accessing a remote machine, is it slow initially and then fine afterwards?  Or is the whole thing slow throughout?  Have you made any changes  to your network/the XP machine prior to this slowdown?
YapAuthor Commented:
   when accesing a remote machine from winxp to winxp, it is slow initially and fine afterwards. But when win2k server accessing any remote machine, it is no problem......

any ideal???
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bjessupCommented:  This one looks a bit promising too, have a go at that.
KOTiSConnect With a Mentor Commented:

For example, you can rename it to:

DISABLED {D6277990-4C6A-11CF-8D87-00AA0060F5BF}

This change prevents the browsing computer from checking for scheduled tasks on the remote machine before connecting, which is apparently the reason for the slowness.
Check DNS entry for other Winxp pc on the Server.
Check if Pc's is looking at correct DNS server.
Set DNS server ip address in Network Connection properties.
Check to make sure the NIC is configured correctly - make it the same as the Win2K machine.
I believe that my answer above is the correct solution to this problem and i should be awarded the points

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