compiled perl script as background process


We have a perl script compiled as an .exe file running every 10 minutes. This task is scheduled on a Windows 2000 server. But for some reason, someone has to log on local on the console.
Does anyone know how we can use this script without the need running on the console?



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kanduraConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have tons of scripts scheduled and they all run independent of the console. But then again, I don't compile them to exe's, I just schedule the scripts themselves. Are the permissions sufficient for the user running the scripts?
run it as a service, you will need srvany.exe from the nt resource kit;en-us;q137890

berdtAuthor Commented:
kandura, are you also talking about perl scripts or are you running plain batch files?

Permisssions are set right, the script is running fine, but only when someone is being logged on locally.
berdtAuthor Commented:
sorry kandura, I didn't read your answer well enough.
I'm going to the lab to test it out...

I'll be back!
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