BCB5 Debugger not working

Hi Experts...
I'm going nuts trying to set a usable breakpoint that will allow me to 'step into' the code of a C++Builder DLL used by another app.  This is not a 'remote debug' situtation ...we're talking all-local on a single machine.

Here's what happens:
1) Open 'DLL' Project using Borland C++ Builder 5 ... click Full Debug button on Project | Options  | Compiler tab
2) Verify that Project | Options | Linker tab has 'Create Debug Info' checked
3) Verify that Run | Parameters is set for the *.exe that will be using the DLL built by this project
4) Set breakpoint in BCB DLL code -- shows as healthy red dot in left gutter with red bar across desired line of code; note: its a legitimate breakpoint location, i.e. *not* on whitespace, comment line, etc
5) Clear out *.obj files (just in case)...click Project | Build All Projects .. no problem
6) Click Run icon (F9)
7) Aaarrrgh! Immediately after clicking Run, my healthy red breakpoint line croaks -- red dot gets a little white 'X' in it, and red bar highlight on that line of code turns to olive green!  I understand from docs that this indicates bad news, i.e. 'dead code' or 'invalid breakpoint.'  In fact, all breakpoints (whether set before or after clicking Run) will show as 'dead olive green'.
8) Desired app starts up and uses the BCB project DLL just fine, but code execution is not stopped at breakpoint location(s).

Note: I created a simple 'one form' BCB project (not the DLL scenario) new on my machine today and breakpoints worked fine.  I've fooled around a bit with Project | Options | Directories/Conditionals, but no directory shuffling  seemed to help.  Can someone tell me how to make breakpoints 'stay alive' and stop code execution properly in my C++ Builder 5 DLL?


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sophtwareConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here's a simple solution...

Find the .tds file (contains the debug info) for your DLL and copy it to your application directory. That is, where you are running it from. Once Builder can find it, debugging for the DLL is enabled. If you're loading the library dynamically, your breakpoints are "green" until LoadLibrary is called.

George TokasCommented:
Did you specify the host application at Run|Parameters|Local|Host Application field??

George TokasCommented:
As you write in your post you did but it is needed the full path..
Did you set it using the Browse button??

As at least help and books write this is the way it works.

bohiggyAuthor Commented:
Yes, that is what I meant in step 3 of my description (I will edit question to clarify that detail)  ...I have set the full path of the 'Host Application' and the Host application fires off nicely when I click Run.

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