Need help regarding the scheduled stop/start of Windows services

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

I need to create a job that will stop and restart a set (3) of Windows services.  Situation:  Running a BI Tool (BusObj) in production environment.  The software polls a database repository every couple of minutes in order to create trace logs.  Our DBA Group stops the database at night in order to create backups.  When this happens, my software breaks because of the connectivity problem.  So, after the nightly backup of the db, I need to stop and restart my software.  I hope that's clear.  The server is running Win 2k Server.  There are 3 services that need to be stopped/restarted.  Two problems:

I don't know how to write this cron job (I think that's what i need).
The glitch:  After stopping the services, I need to wait until they are completely stopped (about 1.5 minutes) before starting them again.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.  I'm coming into a server down situation every morning.
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Debsyl99Connect With a Mentor Commented:

Could you not use task scheduler to schedule two batch files to run - say three minutes apart? The first one would stop the services at a suitable time after the backup had finished

ie net stop sevice1
net stop service2 etc

Then the next batch file would start the services again ie

net start service1
net start service2

Deb :))

1) Start->Run->Regedit
2) Navigate to HKey_Local_Machine\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services
3) Find the service identifiers listed there (ImagePath should give you the name, or you can enclose the display name in quotes)
4) Create a recycle.bat file:

::----begin code--------
@echo off
net stop "My first service"
net stop "My second service"
net stop mythirdsvc
::90 second delay
ping -n 90
net start "My first service"
net start "My second service"
net start mythirdsvc
::-----end code-----
Oops - a little bit of overlap there... apols Debsyl99
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Hi jdharris5954,
    This is an untested idea, it may not be the right one... but it is one.

    Create a two Batch files
    one to stop the services
    net stop service name1
    net stop service name2
    net stop service name3

the other to start the services
    net start service name1
    net start service name2
    net start service name3

now you can use the windows schedule service to run these run the start one a few minutes after the stop one...

Let me know
sorry as well... a little slow at typing here...
Would you be able to write a simple bat file to stop and start the services, then have it run as a scheduled task?

If so, here's the commands to do so:


******(note: you DO want the quotes around the service name!)********

I have a program called "sleep.exe" that will allow you to force the script to wait a certain number of seconds before going on.  If you need this (I don't think you will, dos shows when the service is stopped before providing the prompt agian) I can get it to you.

So, experiment with the net stop and net start commands to see what they do, let me know if they will work.

I can write a very simple script that will stop and start the services if you don't know how, but it will be VERY simple.  I don't have the experience with more complicated things.

Let me know if you have any questions
Yep, me too.  When I started typing there were NO posts!  I guess I'm just too slow!  Sorry for the exact same advise that everyone else gave!
No apols necessary SirB ;-) - Looks like we all agree on the sceduled task batch file idea though ;))
Hey - great minds think alike, eh?  LOL
jdharris5954Author Commented:
Thanks everyone for your help.  Please excuse my lack of experience here, I've not worked much with"net".  I've avoided these kinds of things as long as I could, time to learn something new :=).

I really appreciate the fast responses.

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