wireless solution for wide space

 I have a client that would like to get wireless soluytion to all his land. He also wnats guests to be able to connect when the stay. We are talking lots of land. Any suggestions. He also wnats to keep it seperate from his current network. I wa thinking seperate dsl line, and shoot it out from there, but what equipment. Let me know if any one has any ideas. Thanks

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Hi eberhardt2329,

I think we'll need a little more info I'm afraid.

Could you please let us know the following?

What area do you need to cover?  Is this lots of open space, or a building with 3ft stone walls?
How many clients will you have at once?
What service needs to be provided to the client PCs (is it just Internet access)?
Does it matter what the connection speed is?
What budget do you have in mind for it, and how business-critical is it?

As a base, I'd say that you'd need to get a DSL service, a router that does NAT and DHCP (most do) and a bunch of wireless acccess points.

Exactly which bits of kit depends on your requirements :-)
eberhardt2329Author Commented:
more open space it is a small resort, but allot of open space, there are allot of tress thougth. i would say around a 100 at a time connect, and just internet access. I am not sure what the budget is. what equipment would you suggest?
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Still a difficult one to judge, as I don't know how much open space is "a lot" or where you'll be able to put the access points.

Anyway, as a stab in the dark:

Get a DSL service

Netgear DG834 ADSL router - http://www.netgear.com/products/details/DG834.php?view=hm
This will be connected to the ADSL line and provide the DHCP services to the rest of the network.  It will do NAT, which will help with network security.
It doesn't have a "proper" firewall - so you may need to add a box for that, dependant on requirement

You will then need a few of these: http://www.netgear.com/products/details/WG302.php

These are the wireless access points.  How many you need depends on the area you need to cover - each one will probably handle around 32 concurrent connections.
You have the option of antennas with this model, which you'll probably need.
Options are:

I've chosen Netgear as they tend to be good value for money.  Other options should be considered though.

All the above are estimates, based on quite a few assumptions.  You'll have to evaluate their suitability.
Given that there's a need to cover such a large outside area you would be best to contact a professional installer.

I hope that this helps point you in the right direction.
it depend on location, but in general you need Secror antenas and one accespoint for each sector - if you are covering area from one point. But it depend on the terrain. Actualy when there will be mode revices on the same frequency you have to use proffesional AP - for example cisco.
Thanks Winzig, you just reminded me.
You need to make sure that each of the wireless access points are on a different channel - that'll stop interference between them.
Assuming you're in the middle of nowhere, then you don't have to worry about other wireless networks causing a problem.

I've used "low-end" access points in overlapping environments with no problems.  It's important to sort the channels out though.

Dont know how big alot is, but I have done this to "light up" a drop zone for skydivers.  
I setup two 9dBi antennas on each end of a building (approx 50' long) with ydi amplifiers and a single cisco AP350 running antennas in diversity.  
The 9dBi antennas were approx 30' off the ground.
My range with just a laptop and pcmcia card was about 100 yards with direct line of sight.
scampd:WIth setor antennas you can have mode acces points on the same frequency on the same place.
There will be  interference between  the cheep acces points, you have to use AP which are well shielded.
Even i saw nest of 30 24db annetens on one place.

Download the Wlan calcuator.
ented the distance, betwenn AP and client.(and you can select the equipment with which will be SOM >10)

eberhardt2329Author Commented:
it is installing in german>?
eberhardt2329Author Commented:
scampgb on the netgear solution, would th eaccess points connect to the main unit wirelessly? or will a wire have to be run to each access point
it's  multilanguage isntallator click to the button in the right corner and then you can set the application language.
eberhardt2329Author Commented:
I think I am clear on most of this, but wanted to give them other options. If I just setup access points throughout the property, connected to there exesting setup, how would I keep them from accessing the server, how do I make sure it is secure? also they want to keep track of access, would this be accomplished with a proxy server? Let m eknow and thank you so much for you help
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