How to put two parts together?

I have the following project:

It's basically a blue glass button, and I'm trying to seperate the ends, and then put them back together so as to make the button smaller.
In the first link, I have the original button, and in the second link, I've cut away the center of the button, which leaves the two ends.
It's a multi layer button, and I can put the two ends together if I select each piece using the magic wand.
However, I'm looking for a method in which I can grap all the layers of one end at once, and move to attach it to the other end.

Can someone please provide detailed step by step instructions on how to do this?
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japly53Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Since weed mentioned that you are a beginner, I've decided to edit the photoshop file, and make it easy for you to change the size of the button.  I decided to edit the file, because I didn't want you to get confused with the many steps.  But if you want to know how to do it, let me know.

The steps to change the button size:

Download the file that I edited:
1. Select "Middle" layer (image:
2.  Go to Edit>Free Transform (image:
3. Click on the middle left handle and drag it to the left, here is a flash tutorial:
4. Once you have dragged the handle to the desired length, press "Enter"
5. Move the "Right end" layer to the left, until it is aligned with the left end of the middle layer (image:

I hope I explained it well enough, let me know if anything is unclear.

will_scarlet7Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If you first select the area that you want then for each layer right click on it and select "Layer Via Cut" that will create seperate layers for each half, then you can click on the box next to the eye by each layer for that half and lock the all those layers together. then you can just move the whole half of the image together using just the move tool.
Beaten to death in a previous question. What he really needs is a tutorial on the basics of Photoshop which is far too broad to cover here. The manual has already been suggested since it would provide information on what the tools are, what they do, and how they work.
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    Your points are very thurough & clear. The only problem would occur (and this was my assumption when I put my comment above) if Axter wanted to keep his image as a multi layer image.

God bless!

AxterAuthor Commented:

Outstanding instructios.
I would prefer that the layers where kept seperated, but putting them together works to.

Exactly how did you consolidate the layers into one?
AxterAuthor Commented:
I was able to use your instructions to seperate the ends into multi layers, which I'm sure will help me to use japly53 method, once I learn how to consolidate the layers.

I'm using Photoshop 7.0, and I'm starting to think, that either I have a different version of Photoshop, or that there's some option I have set that is preventing me from peforming the instructions I'm given here.

I was able to carry out japly53 instructions with no problem.
However, I could not get your instructions to work fully.

The move tool part did not work.  That's the part that I keep having a problem with.
Every time I try to use the move tool, I can only get it to work on a single layer.

I'm thinking maybe I'm not lockor selecting the multi layers correctly.
AxterAuthor Commented:

What part of "Please let another expert assist me" did you not understand???

You’re wasting my time, and your time by participating in my question.
As I tried to explain to you in my previous question, you should save your time for a questioner that would appreciate the level of assistance that you're willing to offer.

You’re input is not appreciated, nor desired in my posted questions.

So please conserve your time for a questioner that would appreciate your inadequate level of assistance.

Thank you
Mind_nlConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You merge the layers into one by selecting layers->flatten...then you can select one end of the button and move it...
AxterAuthor Commented:

That works to flatten all the layers, but how do I just flatten certain layers.
Like I want to select all the layers of the right side of the button, and flatten them to one layer.

Then select all the layers of the left side of the button, and flatten them to one layer.
So I should end up with two layers. (Left Side, and Right side).
AxterAuthor Commented:
will_scarlet7, japly53, & Mind_nl
Thank you for your help.

I think I'm just going to keep things simple, and flatten all the layers so I can manipulate the ends.
You can flatten certain layers by turning the visibility of the layers that you don't want flattened off, then under layers select "Flatten Visible".

Just a point about what I first suggested... Once you have seperated the layers for the half that you want to move and have linked them all together, in order to move them all at the same time you need to use the move tool without making a selection. With a clear selection and one of the linked layers as the active layer they should all move together as one. I am currently using Photoshop CS, but I have done this in version 7 as well.

ThanX for the points!

God bless!

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