Windows 98 will not stop installing

Each time I turn on the computer it brings me to the begining of installation window.  It says "thank you for choosing windows 98"  On the left side of the screen it has a list of everything and in which order the installation will happen.  I have already installed it twice but it will not stop bringing me to this screen when I start up.  please help me.

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BillDLConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Can you CANCEL the installation?

If you CAN, does it then boot normally into Windows?

If it DOES, then you should check something as follows:

Start menu > "Run" option > and type MSINFO32 > then click "OK".

In the LEFT pane, click the + sign to open out the "Software Environment" section, and then click on "Startup Programs".

Use the "Edit" Menu as follows:

Edit > Select All > Edit > Copy.

Use Ctrl and V to paste into NotePad (or the "Edit > Paste" menu option) and save the fle.

Also Paste the results here.

What I am wondering is that maybe you have a copy of all the Windows 98 Setup files and folders copied to your hard drive somewhere and there is a registry setting, or a shortcut in your Start menu | Startup Folder that is running SETUP.EXE from there.

This must be happening quite early on in the Boot Process because, if Windows had got to the point of beginning to load, I am sure that you would be warned that you already had Windows installed, and ask you if you wanted to install it.

If the CD was in the CD-Rom Drive and it reached the point of beginning to load the Windows desktop, it wouldn't run as a "bootable" CD, but instead the "autorun.inf" file would make it show that window that allows you to "Browse the CD", etc.
TheRealLokiSenior DeveloperCommented:
is it by any chance booting from cd or floppy?
remove any floppy or cd, (or change your bios boot order) and reboot
if it still does it, and you are sure that windows 98 has been installed, you could try
getting hold of a windows 98 boot disk, booting with it, and typing
sys C:
(which puts the system files onto the hard drive C)
then remove the floppy and reboot.

with luck, it will boot, and start windows,
if it still does not (but does not have the "thank you for ...etc" then
make sure the path has c:\windows; c:\windows\system   etc (type "path" to see)
and then type "win" and see if windows 98 starts up
One other thing that we should know about, if you can tell us this.

Do you have a Windows installation CD for the FULL Windows 98, or did it come to you preinstalled and you only have some kind of manufacturer's "restore CD"?

I do know of some jokes or pranks that make your system simulate an installation of an operating system, and you have to know the combination of keys to press to escape from it.

I have one that I have used on someone that looks exactly like Windows NT installing.  It works as a screensaver, but would probably also run from a shortcut in the startup folder or a registry entry.

No, I'm not going to give you the download link, because that would be irresponsible of me :-)

Has anyone been messing with your PC, or have you recently opened an email attachment.
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Also try starting up in "Safe Mode".  Keep jabbing the F8 key fairly soon after pressing the Power On button.  It should reach a menu of "Boot Options" while it is still showing the DOS screen (white on black).  You should see several options, and one of them will be "Safe Mode".  Arrow down to it, and press <Enter>.  It can take a while to start up into Safe Mode.
markofensteinAuthor Commented:
I'm not leaving y'all hanging but it will be a few more hours or even another day before I get back to that computer, thank you for the answers I'm looking forward to fixing the problem, thank you.

markofensteinAuthor Commented:
You were right BillDL

It was on my hardrive and was continuing to auto run,  everything is perfect and running fine.  Thank you BillDL

That's good news, marko.  What exactly was it that caused the setup.exe file to keep starting the installation?  A shortcut in the Startup folder, a registry setting?

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Thank you, markofenstein
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