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Stop MSN Explorer from being default webpage opener and cached html webpage opener..

I have Verizon DSL, it came w/ MSN Exploerer.  I was just happy with my normal I.E. 6 sp1!  I now have both.

The problem:  I save a Web Page complete html. in regular I.E. 6  when I open it, this childish MSN Explorer (w/ big goofy buttons even when set to small!) opens my pages.

Even if I right click and "open with" with blue explorer icon it still opens pages w/ this big, goofy MSN Explorer.

500 points to whoever can stop t B.G. Explorer.

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6 Solutions
If you open IE6, and go to the menu under Tools...Internet Options...Programs, is that check box at the bottom of that dialog still checked off? Make sure it is and click on the Apply button after you set it on if it wasn't.  Close down IE6 and restart once again to see if that goofy dialog question comes up telling you IE6 is not the default browser and do you want to make it the default browser.  Make it the (new) default browser if it asks.  Otherwise, try your HTML browsing again and see if goofy MSN Explorer is out of your way.
How to Make Internet Explorer the Default Web Browser
Have you tried uninstalling it from Add/Remove Programs.
I have SBC Yahoo DSL and they did the same thing with a branded internet explorer.
I had an option to uninstall it from the Add/Remove dialog in the Control Panel but
it didn't work so I had to go in and rip it out piece by piece from the registry along with all the files whereever.  If you can't uninstall it from add remove, then you can try opening Folder Options in Control Panel, go to the File Types tab, and sort the list by file extension, go down to .htm and .html and try changing the default program from the Verison version over to regular internet explorer if its not set that way already.
The file that you will want to browse to with the browse button to set it to use intenet explorer regular will be c:\program files\internet explorer\iexplorer.exe.
If that doesn't work then you could try a system restore if you have a restore point available that existed before the Verizon software was installed.
If that doesn't work, I would just rip it's guts out by finding the Verizon folder in program files that has the branded browser and deleting it, then going into the registry and doing a file search for verizon anything and deleting the entries associated with the browser.  
If you delete the wrong stuff, you can render your os inoperable and necessitate the reinstallation of the entire system, including losing data, so if your not sure, don't delete.
Not sure but I doubt that you need any verizon software.  Windowx XP has the ability to create a PPPOE connection without additional software if your just running a modem and if your running a modem router combination, then you don't need anything extra either.  I looked but didn't have time to scour the net for uninstallation tips but the link below might give you an idea about how to find some.
Also, extractions tools you can use if you have to yank it out could include
Agent Ransack-file search utility that actually finds files-xp file search doesnt work
Process Explorer-http://sysinternals.com-view dll files running under the browser process
Registrar Lite-registry editor that works-xp regedit and reg32edt don't
Filemon-sysinternals-shows real time file access
Regmon-shows realtime registry access
Zap-a command line utility that deletes files while in use even when denied access

Set a restore point before you start hacking on it

If you end up breaking internet explorer trying to remove the verizon version

Here's some links of people with experiences similar and their ideas.


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pdorileyAuthor Commented:
The problem with the 1st two suggestions:   MSN thinks that it  IS  internet explorer!  So to MSN, its already the default.  Like timothy said, it is a BRANDED  i.e. with big goofey buttons.  And this goofey MSN Explorer is a very popuplar browser which acts like your internet explorer so if you make I.E. the default, guess what else will  be the default?  It is a very aggresive but flowery innocent looking butterfly browser.  

I would like to keep it because my family likes it, it has some advanced messaging/news/weather features.  After all, it is kind of fluffy but I don't like it.

I would also like to keep my Internet Explorer the way it is, which I happen to like better than Mozilla and crew.

I just do not want it to **** with my windows defaults or any thing else.


No really, then MSN Explorer sucks, but... never mind, yeah it sucks.

500 Points to whoever can imprison that violent butterfly who rushes in front of my real I.E.   - to whoever can isolate it without smearing my registry.

By isolate it I just mean that it's there if someone wanted to use it but it doesn't mess with anything else.

Not sure how to save the alien during surgical extraction so I don't have anything extra but you can build close to the same thing fairly easily with the IEAK (Internet Explorer Administration Kit) downloadable free from microsoft.  That might be what verizon used along with some probably tweaked dll's.

I have IE6 and MSN EXplorer and don't have that problem.  I am aware they're different.  If it simply is a File Association reassignment where HTML files call MSN6.exe (or whatever exactly it's called), possibly just adjusting that to IEXPLORER.exe instead will fire up the right instance.  Both products should be kicking off from the same .exe.
pdorileyAuthor Commented:

pdorileyAuthor Commented:
Cark Warner or to whomever can answer:

        How do I adjust the File Association assignement for HTML files ?

        FYI:    msn.exe  = msn explorer and IEXPLORE.exe = internet explorer 6.
pdoriley..... when u hit Start,,,, under Internet, does it list MSN Explorer ??

if YES then right click Tasbar>Properties>StartMenu>Customize>and here select Internet Explorer instead of MSN Explorer !!
Apply and now check ??
To change the file associatons:

First find where IE explorer resides on your pc. I don't remember exactly where it is located.
Under TOOLS - FOLDER OPTIONS there will be a tab for FILE TYPES.
Be careful here, find the HTML format and hit edit.
Highlight open and hit edit.
Under "Application used to perform action" browse to IE.exe
And then hit OK - OK - OK.

But see if you get the functionality you want following Sheharyaar's suggestion.
I'm currently using MSN explorer at home for the wife and kids, my Start button link is set to MSN, and all popups occur in IE.  If you don't get this solved, I can check my exact configuration later.
How to change file associations in Windows XP
I have MSN explorer. Try removing MSN explorer from startup with MSconfig or if you are using WIN XP get Startup monitor.
UNINSTALL msn, and  after the delete; click start, run, and in the run, type regedit, press enter on your keyboard, locate the edit in that program, and click fin ; and type the name of your program "MSN" click search, and it will hilight the program. Right click on the name and delete it. Go back on edit, and click, find next; and every program you will see that is part of msn, delete it until the computer says :" finish searching. When going into the registry, before you start, save it by cliking on the :" Export". and save it in your Document, or anywhere. this way, you have a back up of your Registry...
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