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Redirect content in a new frame?


I have two windows.

First window has three frames (leftFrame, topFrame, mainFrame).
Second window has two frames (topFrame, bottomFrame).

I would like, first window frame (mainFrame) link (when clicked) to be opened in a second window frame (bottomFrame).

Filenames for both window1 (window1.aspx) and (window2.aspx, are defined.

here's an walktrough:
when user clicks a link located in window1.aspx the file called window2.aspx should be called and open a clicked content with parameters in it's own bottomFrame.

links in a window1 look like:


when user clicks a link, I would like to send this content (file.xml#83525) to window2.aspx bottomFrame.

How do I achieve that ?


-Michael PG
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1 Solution
First you must give a name to the target frame, for example:
  <frame src="window2bottomframe.aspx" name="win2bottom" ... />

Then, use the defined name in the target attribute of your link:
  <a href="file.xml#83525" target="win2bottom">Link</a>

You should get this to work easily!
morpheous_Author Commented:
Yes, but how do I open window2 at the same time that contains both frames (topFrame, bottomFrame) ?
Window2 is not opened at the time user clicks on the link in Window1.

I need to show complete window2 with bottomFrame data in it (file.xml#83525).

I think that you missunderstood the question, can you please try to draw it on the paper so
you can understand what I mean?

When user clicks a link in Window1.aspx, file with name file.xml#83525 should open window2.aspx
and show up in bottomFrame.

this is content of window2.aspx:

<frameset rows="80,*" frameborder="NO" border="0" framespacing="0">
  <frame src="mm_max_top.aspx" name="topFrame" scrolling="NO" noresize >
  <frame src="mm_max_bottom.aspx" name="bottomFrame">


So the link (located in window1.aspx) opens a window displaying window2.aspx and passing it a parameter of the filename to be displayed in bottomFrame?

In window1.aspx:

<a href="window2.aspx?bottom=file.xml%2383525">Open window</a>

In window2.aspx:

<frameset rows="80,*" frameborder="NO" border="0" framespacing="0">
  <frame src="mm_max_top.aspx" name="topFrame" scrolling="NO" noresize >
  <frame src="<%=Request.QueryString("bottom")%>" name="bottomFrame">

Or am I missing something else?
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morpheous_Author Commented:
Yes, that's what I am after, but I receive following error:

Compiler Error Message: CS0118: 'System.Web.HttpRequest.QueryString' denotes a 'property' where a 'method' was expected
morpheous_Author Commented:
Oh, it was the syntax.
It should look like:

<frame src='<%=Request.QueryString["bottom"]%>' name="bottomFrame">

Big Thanx!
Glad it helped! Sorry for the syntax error, it was the VB syntax instead of C#.
morpheous_Author Commented:
yeah, used to it :-) (error)

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