Resource File - Cultures - en-US de-DE

i want a list of culture names like

en-US for english US
de-DE for german
fr-FR for france.

where can i get more info?
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123654789987Connect With a Mentor Commented:
There is a particular command in .net from which u can get all the supported cultures

Here is an example

Imports System
Imports System.Globalization

Public Class SamplesCultureInfo

   Public Shared Sub Main()

      ' Displays several properties of the neutral cultures.
      Dim ci As CultureInfo
      For Each ci In  CultureInfo.GetCultures(CultureTypes.NeutralCultures) 'I am getting only neutral cultures
         Console.Write("{0,-7}", ci.Name)
         Console.Write(" {0,-3}", ci.TwoLetterISOLanguageName)
         Console.Write(" {0,-3}", ci.ThreeLetterISOLanguageName)
         Console.Write(" {0,-3}", ci.ThreeLetterWindowsLanguageName)
         Console.Write(" {0,-40}", ci.DisplayName)
         Console.WriteLine(" {0,-40}", ci.EnglishName)
      Next ci

   End Sub 'Main

End Class 'SamplesCultureInfo

Using this I am getting onlu neutralcultures u can also get

1. AllCultures - by having CultureTypes.AllCultures

2. InstalledWin32Cultures - Cultures that are defined in that particular windows

3. SpecificCultures - Specific to a region
The output of my above program is

ar           ar    ara  ARA   Arabic                                   Arabic
bg         bg    bul   BGR   Bulgarian                                Bulgarian
ca         ca    cat   CAT   Catalan                                  Catalan
zh-CHS  zh   zho   CHS   Chinese (Simplified)                     Chinese (Simplified)
zh-CHT  zh  zho    CHT   Chinese (Traditional)                    Chinese (Traditional)
cs         cs   ces    CSY   Czech                                    Czech
da        da   dan   DAN  Danish                                   Danish
de       de   deu   DEU   German                                   German
el        el   ell      ELL   Greek                                    Greek
en       en  eng    ENU   English                                  English
es       es  spa    ESP  Spanish                                  Spanish
fi        fi   fin      FIN   Finnish                                  Finnish
Jerry_PangAuthor Commented:
Follow up.

I want to create a multi-language application, i will use these resource files for my application.
Is the culture folder name important?
i mean if i want to create a resource file for english,
do i need to create an exact folder name as the culture?  



like in this image

im note quite sure about the foldernames.
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Jerry_PangAuthor Commented:
[quote from that site]
For example, to support German we would add a folder named de-DE—case counts here. Next, add a file with the same prefix as your default file, a .txt suffix, and de-DE separated by a period in between.

Note - de-DE,
i want a list of this folder name, is this nescessary? or i can specify my own folders?
anyways, i just want the recommended folder name
U can give the folder containing the resources files any name. U have to store all the different language resource files there.

Based on the language selected u can opt to read the particular resource file

Jerry_PangAuthor Commented:
hi, i have a different question here.

anyways, i have downloaded a sample program, en changed the resource file
from myRes.en-CO.resx to myRes.jerry.resx. now, how do i call this resource file?

im still experimenting the resource files before i apply it to my projects.
Jerry_PangAuthor Commented:
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