e1 and e2 routes in Ospf


I need to know how to simulate an ospf network so that I get E1 routes generated . I've manged to get e2 routed by redistributing rip into ospf, but am not sure how to generate e1 routes ?
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JFrederick29Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, E1 routes append the internal cost to the external cost.  E2 routes only use the external cost.  Use E1 routes when you have multiple exit points to an external autonomous system so the best path is used from the inside.  If you only have one exit point, E2 routes are fine.
E2 routes are the default.  You need to specify the metric-type when redistributing rip.

redistribute rip metric-type 1
kamal73Author Commented:
the difference between the two is it some thing to do with the cost
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