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Ras phone books in XP Pro

I use a RAS dialer component in Delphi.
Currently I just use the default phone book and this works fine most of the time.

I have got a user who is using a tablet PC and the component says the dialer is not in the phone book.
They can connect manually. Unfortuanately I don't have access to the table PC to check the precise error.

In looking at this, there is or was a default phone book called rasphone.pbk and for users there were additional phone books called username.pbk.

In XP Pro (or my copy in any case) there does not appear to be a rasphone.pbk. I am not sure where the dialer entries are stored. They might have been rolled into a mdb database or this information might be stored in the registry. I just am not sure.

Can anyone tell me where RAS (dialer information) is stored in XP Pro if one has not set up a personal phone book (pbk) file.

I have installed pbadmin.exe but this shows no phone books on my copy of XP Pro.

The question is if a user has infomation stored somewhere else other than the default location (where ever that is) how can I import there dialer information into the defaullt location?

I found this on a Microsoft site

 Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 284269
HOW TO: Save and Restore Dial-up Connections in Windows XP

   1. Locate the Rasphone.pbk file in the %SystemDrive%\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Network\Connections\Pbk folder.

      Note The Application Data folder is a hidden folder. To view the folder, follow these steps:
         1. Open the All Users folder, and then click Folder Options on the Tools menu.
         2. Click View, click Show hidden files and folders, and then click OK.

   2. After you have created all your connections, copy the Rasphone.pbk to a safe location, and then copy the Rasphone.pbk file to the %SystemDrive%\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Network\Connections\Pbk folder on the other computer.

      Note When you replace the Rasphone.pbk file, you are prompted to confirm the file replacement. Click Yes to replace the file.
   3. Restart the computer to view the connections.

The problem is when I go to the above folder there is no Rasphone.pbk !!!!??????!!!!

The only file present is  one called sharedaccess.ini.

If I go to %systemfolder%\system32\RAS, there is not much there either, 4 scp files and two inf files; switch.inf and pad.inf.

So where is the phone book information ????

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My XP didn't have any *.pbk file on the C: drive.  Once I created a dialup connection, the rasphone.pbk was created in the directory you're looking in, just as it should be.  My Windows 2003 already had one, and it was also in the same directory.  If the user doesn't have a .pbk file in this location, they probably don't have any RAS entries, and you can safely create an entry at this location and it will create the pbk file.

The c:\documents and settings\...\pbk\rasphone.pbk path is just the default filename that the windows RAS management tools use.  That doesn't mean that this is where your user keeps their PBK file.  It also doesn't mean that this is where future versions of Windows will put it.  

Since you don't have access to this tablet PC, perhaps it would be useful for your application to search the harddrive for phonebook files (if it's not found in the default location), or give the user the option to browse for it.  I can help with this too, if you'd like.

Of course, you can create your own phone book by passing a new .pbk filename to the rascreatephonebookentry() function.  If none of this is what you want, you can instead store the phonebook data in your own way (xml, database, registry, ini, whatever) and just create the phone book entry every time you want to dial.  Then you can specify any phone book path and not have to search for an existing one.  Then, you would really only need the phone book to DIAL the servers, not to keep track of them.
he00273Author Commented:
Thanks for that. The pbadmin.exe tool supplied on the XP Pro Install CD, has the ability to create new phone books in jet (access) databases (*.mdb). Do you know how XP uses these in conjunction with rasphone.pbk?

Unfortunately, I don't have a CD for this XP machine.  It's someone else's machine.  I found help files for it on my machine, but they're messed up.  None of the topics exist.  

I suspect one of the following:

1) You can create the .MDB file by importing text files, region files or PBK files.  When you want to use them, they must be published.  Does that convert them back to .PBK?  If so, use that PBK file.

2) The .MDB file can be specified instead of a .PBK file when calling the Windows RAS functions.

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