Symantec and Microsoft sites blocked, Hotmail, MSN, Window Update, etc.

I can't access any microsoft sites or any symantec sites.  I think there is a problem in the System 32 folder.  I can't install norton products because I can't contact their sites for virus updates.  I've run AVG and Avast programs that have found viruses that I've deleted but I still am unable to access my email or other Microsoft sites.  I'm not sure what other information would be helpful but I'm willing to provide any info necessary.  Thanks.
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sirbountyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Then I'd say try uninstalling SP2 and see if that resolves the's been causing several, mostly minor, problems since it's release...
Check the hosts file

depending on the OS you have
go to that location, make a backup of the hosts file
and then open it with notepad

remove all entries in there except localhost
the entries that you had entered manually.

restart and check if you can go to these sites
Try this:
Tools/internet options/advanced tab
 Click restore default. Click apply and ok.
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walkerg23Author Commented: is the only entry.
I have no manual entries.

I can't access the

I've restored defaults but still no luck.
walkerg23Author Commented:
I'm running XP if it matters...

have you checked the restricted sites list going to IE --> tools --> internet options --> security --> restricted sites --> sites ?

Temporarily disable any firewall and check if that would help
probably you have some pests in your computer
here're the instructions...

You need to do 2 things:

1. Clean your system
2. Update your system so that these trojans do not get into it again

For the 1st thing you need to download a cleanning utility
I recommened Pest Patrol, you can get an evaluation copy from:

For the 2nd thing (and it's really important)

Then re-scan again and everything should be ok
Are you saying you cannot also access MS KB websites ?
can you access all other websites ?

Try to run this tool
Make use of another computer , download it , move it to your computer and run it

Check if that would help

walkerg23Author Commented:
The sites are not restricted.  

Sometimes hotmail will open but it only loads half the page or resorts to "Page Cannot Be Displayed"
This is happening with any microsoft related site.  

I've turned off the XP update firewall, I don't think I have others running right now.  How would I check to make sure?
Well if you have Zonealarm or any other third party firewall then obviously you must have installed it and you have control over them to execute..

Try that winsockfix and that might help you

hope you had turned off xp firewall

To turn off the Windows XP firewall, do the following:

Click on the Start button, choose All Programs, then choose Connect To and then Show all connections.
Right-click on the icon for your Internet connection and choose Properties from the pop-up window.
In the window that appears, click on the Advanced tab and uncheck Protect my computer and network by limiting or preventing access to this computer from the Internet.
Click the OK button. You have now turned off the firewall.

walkerg23Author Commented:
I've been running Spybot search and destroy pretty regularly.  I'm trying Pest Patrol now.  Its found some adware so far but that is about it.  

I'm not sure I'll be able to access windows update once it is done.  I've not been able to download updates since this problem started.  That is part of the problem.

I can access any other site without a problem.  Microsoft sites run really slow or not at all and trying to download windows updates results in an error each time.

After pest patrol I will try the winsockxpfix.
sunray_2003Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Not sure if you had used this tool

if you can go to this website, download it and scan for virus thoroughly .If you cannot go ,then you would need help of another machine to download the tool and then transfer it over to your machine

Post back how it all goes

walkerg23Author Commented:

Action: Ran
Result: Found a few types of pests, ClipIt Genie, KaZaA, Bonzi Buddy.  All seem rather harmless.  I did not remove through pest patrol since this requires paying for registration and I don't think these are the problem.

Action: Ran
           First I turned of system restore points as instructed.
Result: Claimed to fix trojan found in temporary internet files related to host.  

Action: Ran
Result: Claimed to be successful.

Final result:  Still can't access Hotmail for more than a few seconds before page jumps to "Page Cannot Be Displayed"
Still can not download windows update from microsoft.

It's as though going to triggers something to run and disrupt the action...
Other suggestions?
walkerg23Author Commented:
I may have found a solution but I am not technical enough to know exactly what to do.  Maybe some one could help.

The problem sounds the same as the one here:

The eventual solution was:
     Step 1 - modify mtu in router (that part had been done previously but had not solved the issue)
     Step 2 - change the mtu at each PC using the Dr. TCP utility
     Step 3 - add the registry key to add mtu size at each PC
     Here is the Cisco doc giving details

I can see how to use Dr. TCP utility but I don't know how to change the registry key to add mtu size.  Any tips?  Could this help me too?

yavoozaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ok So Download these tools and install them:
AdAware ==>
SpyBot  ==>
SpySweeper >>
SpywareBlaster >>
CoolWebShredder ==>
Stinger >>

then boot ur system in SAFMEODE and turf off the System Restore,

try do ing in Safe Mode and with system restore turned off.
walkerg23Author Commented:
My system restore is off now.  
Are you saying to turn system restore on and then turn it off in Safe Mode?
Or install the programs and run them in safe mode?  
walkerg23Author Commented:
I've run adaware, spybot, spysweeper, spywareblaster, coolwebshredder and stinger.

Minimal results, nothing that appeared to be a virus, trojan, etc.  just couple cookies removed.

The problem still remains,  Microsoft sites don't load properly, if at all.  This includes hotmail,, and windows update sites.  

I have recently installed the Windows XP SP2 but was not having these problems immediately after installing.
walkerg23Author Commented:
SP2 uninstalled and I restarted.
Unfortunately it didn't solve the problem.
I can get to after a really long load but can't get any pages off that site to fully load such as my mailbox.
Maybe you should try to reinstall (repair) Windows XP:

Reinstall (Repair) Windows XP
1) i read your entire statement. according to you may be some problem

in your system file so first of all do this -
   go to start > run > sfc /scannow > ok
but for this you must have windows XP cd. ( its check ur entire system

file and if damage repair this file )

2) may be some virus problem in your system -
    download SYSCLEAN and run in safe mode. after this restart your

computer and try to open these site, if problem perists

3) may be some site is not open for some security region -
     go to internet option > advanced > restore default > apply > ok.

4) install proper service pack -
    download in any other system > copy this file in CD > and install

in your system.

network engineer (HCL Infosystem Ltd.)
Did you check if you are using a Proxy?

> Tools > Internet Options... Connections TAB, goto LAN Settings...  if there are any boxes checked, try unchecking them (then click OK to save the settings).
walkerg23Author Commented:
The problem has been solved.  I'm not exactly sure if one solution lead to the solution.  I think it was the use of the various spyware programs and the uninstalling of the SP2.  I've tried to spread points between those who suggested the programs and the uninstalling of SP2.  

After I ran all the programs and uninstalled SP2.  There was no immediate change.  After leaving my computer on for a couple hours and then coming back to it everything started working.  I can't explain it.  I would have expected the problems to be fixed immediately on restart after each attempt to fix.  Thanks for all suggestions.  Something worked.
Thanx.  Let's just hope it doesn't 'slowly' creep back up on you again...
Good luck!
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