Best Tool to create reports ??

I have a vb app connected with msde engine, I need to create few reports, reports will be lunched from vb app based on selection criteria on the screen. What would be fastes and easiest tool/method of creating them ??
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ShauliConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you don't want to buy a good report generator, such as Crystal Reports, or ActiveReports, then you can always use the integrated DataReport. To do that, set a reference to Microsoft Data Report (From the menu bar select Project, click reference and scroll down to Microsoft Data Report. Check the box on the left).
The help is in MSDN so you can start testing it, and ask specific question in this site when you need help.

i think u cud use crystal reports.
Pkrol1Author Commented:
that I know , I dont wanna buy another product
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if u got access, u cud use access reports.

there is also a report designer component that comes with vb6.
Pkrol1Author Commented:
I would be probably most interested the one that comes with vb6 , any examples how to set it up , connect with database etc ??
JR2003Connect With a Mentor Commented:

First you have to add text fields to the data report with the DataField property set to the name of the field in the table.
Then to show it:

    Dim sSql As String
    sSql = "select * from MyTable"
    Dim MySet As ADODB.Recordset
    Set MySet = CreateRecordset(sSql) '<--- However you create your recordsets

    Dim rpt As MyDataReport
    Set rpt = New MyDataReport
    With rpt
        Set .DataSource = MySet
        .Show vbModal
    End With
Pkrol1Author Commented:
I will try this example tonight thanks for help
SethiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would suggest buying VSView reports from ComponentOne. Infact buying their new suite will be a cheaper opetion and you will get more than 100 ActiveX controls along with it.

I posted the same question last year as I hate Crystal Reports. I have been using VSView reports since then and it works like a Charm.
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