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Hi there

I've a particular problem, I've a windows 2000 professional computer, I removed from this computer spyware with Adaware and Pestpatrol
But it has a particular problem, when I login with my network ID and password I have only a blank screen with nothing loading, to continue loadging I need to press again ctl+alt+del again, and the system continue loading all my stuff

Any Idea whats going on?

Thanks in advance

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Debsyl99Connect With a Mentor Commented:

I really don't think that you can - I understand that the Windows 2000 cd is required to replace any damaged files - You'd really need to get hold of a cd....


Deb :))

Repairing a Windows 2000 Installation
Hi AngelFireMateo,
Well I got the same problem ..... what I could figure out on my pc is that on startup windows explorer chrashes and when pressing alt/ctrl/del it would restart explorer and it would work .... what I did was to copy explorer.exe from the install cd into the windows directory and reboot and it worked fine .... though I would suggest you wait for other expert input as I think that there is more than one cause to this problem.


You could try insert your windows 2k pro cd and type

sfc /scannow
at a command prompt to check your windows system files,

Note the following though if on less than SP4:
The SFC /SCANNOW Command May Overwrite Hotfix Files

Deb :))
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AngelFireMateoAuthor Commented:
To Lordripper:

I've tried your solution but I didn't have luck

To Deb:

How can I do this if I don't have the cd with me, and have only the i386 folder on my hard disk
Well I cant see how you tried my selution as you also need the windows 2000 cd for it ????
AngelFireMateoAuthor Commented:
To lordripper I got the file from the I386 folder

Thanks every body for your help
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