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I am currently building a small online business website. I'd like to set up a server that I can use for the website. Also, I'd like to use microsoft exchange server to set up email accounts for users. Do you guys have any suggestions about how to do this? Any software that I need? I am somewhat familiar with the Active Directory and have installed Windows Server 2003 before, although I did not connect to the domain with other computers. Basically I'd like to know what I need and how I need to procede to use the server for hosting my webiste and for creating a microsoft exchange server so that we can use the email thru this server. Right now I don't have my website on any website. It's currently just a bunch of .html and .aspx files. I don't have to use the .aspx files if this complicates setting up the server. Do I need to buy a domain now, and set up the server to host the .html files onto the domain? How would I do this? I know of the cons of hosting your own site, but I'd like to give it a try. It would be a great learning experiance and also would be cheapter, and would enable me to also set up a microsoft exchange server. Again if someone can walk me through and explain all my questions Id be great. I'm giving as many points as I can, as I'm almost out.

Thank You So Much!!
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I definitely would not advise it as Colin stated ... if you are keeping financial records on this server or collecting credit card info etc ... I would definitely not put WWW and Exchange on the same box or you seriously open yourself to a lot of liability ...

You can buy a domain or use Dynamic DNS (google it for more info) to point back to your environment ...

For exchange you'll need to create an external MX record for mail transfer ... this should be public (probably at your ISP or where you register the domain)

You can create other websites on the server using the standard process ... don't mess with the default website or exchange virtual directories if you are unfamiliar with managing them ... (except maybe to require SSL for secure access) ... when you install exchange 2003, owa should work pretty much out of the box ...

Use public DNS records or host headers to connect to your different websites ...

For a small environment, just stick the server inside your firewall and map back only the ports you need open ...

Sounds like you are just experiementing but you should probably read through the deployment and planning guides ... ... you may also consider using ISA to better secure your server ...
Firstly I would not suggest putting a commercial website on your one and only server, I would leave Exchange as Exchange only and have a second machine running your website
You will need to setup the server as a domain controller by running dcpromo from the command line and creating a new domain "forest". This will create the Active Directory structure for your network, I would then install Exchange, howevere if you can it is recommended that you run Exchange on a seperate server.
You will also need to buy a domain and have it using the same name as your network.
To get Exchange running you will need a static IP on the router and redirect all SMTP traffic to your internal IP of the Exchange server.
Then I would go ahead and setup a seperate machine with IIS and add it on to the domain, and setup your WebSite.
If this is going to be a seriously busy web server, it would be better to keep it in a workgroup with the same name as your network and put it in a DMZ for extra security, but I am not certain how this is going to intergrate with Exchange.

Before you continue I would read through the white papers as well as the install instructions for setting up AD, Exchange and web servers using IIS that will be using Exchange on the back end.

Sorry this is quite general but you have asked a question with a lot you need to think about and his could go on for a very long time explaining everything.
I hope this might help a bit.
I think Colin and I provided reasonable answers to his questions.

rksprstAuthor Commented:
Hey sorry guys, I forgot I asked this question. I split the points between you. Thanks
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