Blank Screen with ATI 9800

Posted on 2004-09-03
Last Modified: 2010-04-25
I'm having a problem with my ATI 9800 card. It's AGP Pro 128mb and has its own power supply. I was using a GeForce 2 Ultra 64mb so you can see why I upgraded. The problem is I am getting no signal on the Monitor. If I disconnect the power supply from the card I get an error message on the screen saying....Please connect power supply to your ATI Radeo it's obviously seeing the card. As soon as I connect the Powersupply I get no picture. My system specs are fairly old but I have been told that this card has worked on older systems. Specs are Dell Dimension 4100. 1Ghz Processor. 512mb SDram. 290GB HardDrive Space. Intel Chipset 815 Board.

Any Ideas????
Question by:dglasheen

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it could be a couple of things. First things first I take it what if you put hte old card back it works fine? also what you can try boot the unil in safe mode and the drop the display res. and then reboot and check if any thing changes. let me kow if that makes any changes, if not we can try something else.


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I really don't think that this card is going to work in this system.  I can't tell you for sure, but I would guess that your video speed is either 1x or 2x.  The card that you got is an 8X card, it would work if your computer was 4X.  However, I don't think an 8X card will work in a 1X or 2X slot.  

That is just a thought, maybe some more people will comment on it.

Have your tried to reset the bios?

There could be a chance that your card is DOA.  Also you say it has its own power supply, You mean that you plug a molex connector into it from the computer power supply or you have configured up a power supply for it?  I don't understand that.  If you are plugging it into your power supply there is a chance that the power supply does not have enough power to power it.  The 9800 cards take a lot of juice to power them.

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Actually, it appears that the Dell Dimension 4100 supports AGP 4X... though I wonder if your system (with that proprietary Dell low-voltage power supply) still cannot supply enough juice to that card.  Those are very power hungry video cards.

Here's someone from the Dell forum with the same predicament...

It appears that ATi demands a Pentium 4 (or AMD equivalent) or higher for this card.  Sounds like hooey to me, but they might be serious.

Hope that stuff helps.


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Ok so the speed of the card is not a factor.  I would assume then that the power supply does not have enough power or your card is DOA.  I would take the card out and try it in a friends computer with a good high rated power supply and see if it works.  If it does, then we know what is wrong.  

Author Comment

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Thanks for your replies, You were all very helpful. I had to accept chumplets answer tho. I have already reset the Bios and tried the card in a different system. While my card does seem to be supported by the board it looks like my power supply is the problem. I have swapped this card for a 9700 pro and we'll see how that goes but I need to get my hands on a Molex - floppy power cable..... Again thanks for all your answers. You were all right but I think Chumplet went that extra mile.

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