bargains / lowest cost USB Flash drive in US? (bootable)

I'm shopping for a USB Flash Drive.  Must be:

bootable -- play well with linux

would be nice if it

supported autorun.inf (under XP Pro) like

looking for three devices

(1) 256 megs
(2) 512 megs
(2) 1 gig

Best price may include rebates, but only from reputable vendors (and with whom you've personally cashed a rebate check)

I live in the western United States.

thank you
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tosh9iiiConnect With a Mentor Commented:

256MB Data Traveler I Full-Speed USB 2.0 Portable Flash Drive

512MB JumpDrive Pro 80x High-Speed USB 2.0 portable flash drive

1GB Cruzer Mini High-Speed USB 2.0 portable flash drive
yavoozaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think you could go for GEN-X they have a lot of discounts also. But I personally bought an LG original one . Be sure to enquirein the market about the duplicates and the originalls as I got just cheatd. I bought my LG original so I go a manufactures warranty for two years
check them at they have really low prices!
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