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Hi all,
       I need to write a config file to an easy to find place. i first thought to just use c:\ but then remembered that my other machine doesn't have c: but f:  instead ( go figure ). anyway what i  was wondering was whether or not there is an easy way to find the system drive from Java?
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zzynxConnect With a Mentor Software engineerCommented:
>>I need to write a config file to an easy to find place
Why not use the user's home directory?

zzynxSoftware engineerCommented:
On Windows e.g. that will return

     C:\Documents and Settings\<userid>

The drive is the system drive
petepalmerAuthor Commented:
That will do very nicely thank you :)
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zzynxSoftware engineerCommented:
You're welcome.
Thanks for accepting
I like to keep my jars, config files and starter batch files in (almost) the same place. This code gives you the jar file path:

     String path;

            String className = getClass(  ).getName(  );
            className = className.substring( className.lastIndexOf( '.' ) + 1 )
                        + ".class";

            path = getClass(  ).getResource( className ).getPath(  );
            path = URLDecoder.decode( path, "UTF-8" );

            int pos = path.substring( 0, path.indexOf( '!' ) ).lastIndexOf( '/' );
            path = path.substring( path.indexOf( '/' ) + 1, pos );
            if( System.getProperty( "file.separator" ).equals( "/" ) )
                //include "/" at start for UNIX OS
                path = "/" + path;
        catch( Exception ex )
            System.out.println( "Could not init application paths; " + ex.getMessage(  ) );
Wow, that was fast...
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