Connected to access point, cannot find internet?

I have an IBM Thinkpad 600 series with WIN 98SE installed.  I am using a Linksys G Speedboost PCMIA card with a D-Link G router (5 feet away, but not relevant).  Yesterday I was able to use the card no problem, but today, I get the status message "Connected to access point but unable to find internet."  I tried everything:  I released/renewed my IP address and a few other things.  Nothing worked.  I am using 128 mb WEP encryption, but like I said, it worked fine yesterday.  I have made no changes to my router and the only thing I did to my laptop was install AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo and Google toolbars.  Any ideas?

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do you have another computer connected through the router that can surf the web ?

try resetting the router, renew your IP address and try again..
echobravo316Author Commented:
Thankyou very very very much.  Fixed my problem.  I upped the points to 150 b/c of quick response.  

Thanks again,

Matthew Palmeri
glad that i could help ya out..

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