cat-5e patch panel question

does anyone know of a patch panel that will connect rj45 in the back and rj45 in the front with out having to strip the connector and just attaching the actual wires on the rear side of the panel. if im calling it the wrong thing here is an image of what i kind of want ( ) ... but to be able for:

out to PCs  ----[rj45] >  [rear of panel] [ front of panel] <[rj45] ----- out to router

the curent set up i have just makes a nasty bundle of wires on the front of the rack (even with a cable managment ).
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lrmooreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
On-line catalog, search for part # JPM810A-R2
DebbieFostAuthor Commented:
thanks much :)
Glad to help!
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