mod_rewrite on iis6

Hi Experts,

Does anyone know of a way to make IIS do the same as mod_rewrite on apache?

ie we want to make


be translated to


Many Thanks,
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divtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You may also check out another tool:

IISRewrite is a rule-based rewriting engine that allows a webmaster to manipulate URLs on the fly in IIS

However it is not free: IISRewrite version 1.2: $199.00 per server

Good luck!
N_F_SConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi pjordanna,

 I'm using ISAPI_REWRITE filter for this, check it out here:

 they have forum and great support from them guys, also the lite version is free, if you have dedicated server then it will do for you.

divtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
And here another tool:

OpUrl - ISAPI URL Rewrite

This one comes with time-limited trial version.
Full version for only 29 UK pounds.
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