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Call recorder for compliance

I look after an insurance company and took on the job of doing their avaya index phone admin, while the job itself is easy they have now burdened me with pricing up a call recording package. The company is in 3 sites and has 75 channels coming in for 250 people.

I am looking for hardware, software, CTI integration, a solution of belt and braces all in ...

I have so far found www.oak.co.uk does any one know of  a good solution, one they use rather than a googled find, one with recomendations etc...

nice load of points for all recomendations,
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Serena HsiMarketing ConsultantCommented:
Call recorder for compliance? That's a new one. Although, it's more a legal safeguard for companies that engage in contractual exchanges over the telephone. If it's recordable, it's transcribeable, therefore any telephone conversation can be a physical piece of evidence...which may or may not work in favor of your company. Once you get it setup, however, you need to disclose on the front end that "calls may be monitored or recorded for quality control purposes."

With that aside, I recommend these options:

Database Systems Corp

AMCAT Call Center Management Software

Ai-Logix, Inc.

Voice Print International Inc.


ASC's Marathon recording platform (featured in an article in Insurance & Technology magazine)

NCH Swift Sound Software (has software demo)

Coordinated Systems Inc.


Racal Mirra. Might be something perhaps.
i got stuffed up my  butt ... a 'Meridian 1'  digital phone system,
a used system, (parts missing) with old 1990 softeware...
without any manuals...  i got nothing !.. phone co was paid $18k to install,
because it had a keyboard, it's mine....  i'm now the phone guy also.
i tried to tell them that the only thing i know about phones,
is - if there is NO dial tone -- it's probably not working

a website - saved my butt

they actually have a discussion group for Meridian phone sysems...
thank God
but of course, all the members in the group, are all on newer software,
so most of their command line syntac didn't work
on my older software but..... three months later... any many posts !!
i got the basics down and this is now in my comfort zone...
i can do a bunch... and i still don't have any manuals
i can In/Out phones by models, users, set up trunk lines, redirects,etc.
create/termintate TNs, voice mail, give/take phone options. etc.

go there and look for a group under phones or avaya index phone
or whatever... what do you have to lose?

www.tek-tips.com  trust me!..
there i got help from people that (mostly) just wanted to help..
they don't have any type of hubris reward or point system.

www.vivisimo.com - my favorite search engine
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you need to disclose on the front end that "calls may be monitored or recorded for quality control purposes."

There are no absolutes in law, or anything else in life
consider ALL variables, for instance;

State of Missouri law is:
'If one party is aware the conversation is being recorded, it is legal evidence."

State of Illinois law is:
"All parties most be aware that the converstion is being recorded and
must consent."

remember - golden rule about these legal advisers
half of them (50%) lose it court, or settle for less than they promised
right up there with them weather guessors, aren't they?


Most of the equipment specified above is rather costly when you get to the numbers of call takers you are talking about, cheaper options do exist, one of which involves using a device called a USB recorder which fits between your phone and receiver (PBX's aren't an issue you need to count in the installation equation).  This device auto detects incoming/outgoing calls, has a couple of idiot friendly buttons on the front for recording meetings (inbuilt speaker) and cancelling the recording if required.  An application pops up on your operators terminal allowing them to type notes at appropriate periods of the conversation, and the entire conversation is written to the local workstations HD (or network share etc).

I'd recommend giving the gentleman that introduced me to it a ring, if you don't like the product at least you can get some insight into other products which may fit the bill.  His name is Paul Shuker of www.theitdept.co.uk, if you do give him a ring, give him my name 'cos there might be a beer in it for me! ;)  As for a recommendation, Paul is very direct, I'm sure he'd give you one on 30 days sale or return so you can recommend it yourself!

Good luck with your search.

MicrotechAuthor Commented:
thanks guys it looks like I have gone in a little over my head they have a budget for this of £100k so it needs to record ALL calls and should be invisible to the users, so I am recruiting help from a telecoms professional who has set up call recorders for other companies. Also they have a database of all their customers and what they are wanting is that when a customer or new client calls in they can attach the voice recording to the details, which our guys here are trying to develop. So thanks for the input and I will split the points.
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