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some sickening network problems


here another sickening problem i got here.

what on earth i cant go into win xp pro pc from windows 98se ?

in win98se, in networkneighbourhood, i can see winxp icon but cant go in and it says
no permission to access..etc

why is that ?

from winxp, it can go into win98se.

But if i type the computer name and folder name in Run command from win98, it can go in.

and how can i make internet sharing (DSL) which the modem attached in win98 so it can be shared from winxp ?

please advise

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2 Solutions
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
Networking Windows XP and windows 98/95/ME

1. Get the machines connected, Each machine will need a NIC (network interface card) you can either plug both machines into a hub or switch, OR connect them directly with a crossover cable (this differs from a normal network cable either buy one or make one see my website.) 

2. Decide what addresses you are going to use you may have a router or another device that dynamically hands out addresses if so set everything to automatic, if not and your just transferring files use

Windows 98: subnet mask
Windows XP subnet mask

3. On the Windows 98 box

From your desktop, right click the "network neighbourhood" or the "My Network Neighbourhood" icon and select Properties.
Be sure 'Client for Microsoft Networks" and "File and Printer Sharing" are both installed.  If they are not installed, click the "Add Button" to install them now, reboot and come back to this point.  Be sure your Primary Network Login is set to "Client for Microsoft Networks.

Next, Select the "File and Print Sharing button"
Ensure that the 'I want to give others access to my files' checkbox is checked.  You can check the other checkbox if you plan to share a printer on this computer. - Clikc OK when finished.

Next, select the "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" and click Properties.
Select the 'Bindings tab' and ensure both checkboxes are checked
Next, Select the NetBIOS TAB and ensure you have a checkmark.

4. On the XP Box

From your Network Connections, select your network adapter and then select "Change Settings of this Connection".  To find your "Network Connections", select "My Computer" from the start menu, then select "My Network Places" and finally select "My Network Connections".

Be sure 'Client for Microsoft Networks" and "File and Printer Sharing" are both installed.  If they are not installed, click the "Install Button" to install them now. - You should also check to ensure the XP built in firewall is DISABLED.   This is in the ADVANCED tab.

Next, select the "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" and click Properties.
If you have a network that uses a STATIC IP ADDRESS schema you should see information here.

Next, click the Advanced Button
Select the WINS tab.  Under the "NetBios Setting" area, select the "Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP"


Windows XP Network Troubleshooting
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
>> how can i make internet sharing (DSL) which the modem attached in win98 so it can be shared from winxp ?

Sharing an Internet Connection

To share an Internet connection you have the following options.
1.      Use Windows ICS (internet connection Sharing)
2.      Use Some Proxy Software
3.      If your using Cable/DSL use a dedicated switch/router
4.      If you using Windows 2000 Server use NAT under RRAS

Since Win98SE all versions of windows have been able to use ICS. One PC has an Internet connection and shares it with other Computers (Hosts) on your network. For a full description of ICS see
To set up ICS..
For Win98
For Win ME
For Win 2K
For Win XP
To Troubleshoot ICS

To enable your PC to act as a proxy server you need to install Proxy software, then configure the clients to use a proxy server for their Internet connection.
Business users see
ISA Server
Small Office and Home users see
EZProxy (15 Days)
Proxy+ (31 Days)

If you have cable or a DSL connection this is the best (though not the cheapest route) to go down. This equipment will plug into your exiting router and do the work for you, you can also get them with built in wireless.

This is what I use (with 54g wireless)
Cheaper option (slower wireless)
Cheapest Option (No Wireless)

*****Using NAT under RRAS*****
HOW TO: Configure the NAT Service in Windows 2000;EN-US;310357
HOW TO: Configure a Windows 2000 Server as a Network Address Translation Server
You can get into the Windows 98 Box because it has share level access.  You can't get into the Windows XP box because it has User Level Access.  
If you type net use g: \\XPBoxName\C$
it will prompt you for a username and password.  Once successful it will map your g drive to the hidden share for the root of C.  If you create an account on the XP box that has the same name and password of what you're logging into the Windows 98 box with then you will not have to give this password because it is chached on the 98 box after your login.  Of course, file permissions will come into play so be sure to give the 98 username plenty of rights for your task.
Also, if the modem is on the 98 box and you want to share the connection with the XP box then I think you're out of luck.  If it were the other way around then all good.  I think you can download some software to make the 98 box do what you need but not by default.
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
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