Web browser control in a user control - problem!


I have developed a user control that contains the Web Browser control. I have put some code in the WebBrowser_DocumentComplete() event.

When I use this control in VB, and I call the Navigate method of the browser control (through a method of my user control), the WebBrowser_DocumentComplete() event is triggered (after the document download is complete) and my code there is executed.

However, when I use my control in an html page, the user control works fine, but when calling the Navigate method, the code does not execute. In fact, the WebBrowser_DocumentComplete() event is not triggered (entered) at all!

Does anyone know what is going wrong in the case of the html and how to solve this problem?
Please no workarounds (with timers), etc.

Please I want a solution, not only why the problem is happening (if you know why).

Thank you.
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BigBossAuthor Commented:
Well....I found it at last!
Here is what Microsoft says:

PRB: Events Not Firing When IE4 WebBrowser Placed On Web Page


The information in this article applies to:

Microsoft Internet Explorer (Programming) versions 4.0, 4.01, 5.0


WebBrowser events such as DocumentComplete, DownloadComplete, BeforeNavigate2, and others do not fire when you host the WebBrowser control in an HTML page under Internet Explorer 4.0x.

The WebBrowser ActiveX control is not designed to be used in an HTML OBJECT tag.

Microsoft does not support use of the WebBrowser control in an HTML OBJECT tag. Microsoft recommends using IFRAME or FRAMEs instead of embedding the WebBrowser control in HTML.

This behavior is by design.

You cannot write Script event handlers for WebBrowser control events, such as DocumentComplete, BeforeNavigate2, and other events, when you host the WebBrowser control in an HTML page using the OBJECT tag. These events are not fired. These events are not fired even if the WebBrowser control is wrapped in another ActiveX control and then embedded in HTML.

If the reason for hosting the WebBrowser control in an HTML page is to display documents within your Web page, we recommend using the IFRAME tag.

Steps to Reproduce Behavior
Type and save the following HTML as C:\Page1.htm.

   <TITLE>WebBrowser Control in HTML</TITLE>

Sub WebBrowser1_BeforeNavigate2(pDisp, URL, Flags, _
      TargetFrameName,  PostData, Headers, Cancel)
   MsgBox "BeforeNavigate2"
end sub

Sub WebBrowser1_DocumentComplete(pDisp, URL)
   MsgBox "DocumentComplete"
end sub

Sub Window_OnLoad()
   WebBrowser1.Navigate "http://www.microsoft.com"
End Sub

Navigate to C:\Page1.htm from Internet Explorer 4.0.

DocumentComplete and BeforeNavigate2 events are not fired

For more information on developing Web-based solutions for Internet Explorer, please see the following Web sites:




Additional query words:

Keywords : kbcode kbIE400 kbie401 kbie500
Issue type : kbprb
Technology : kbIEsearch kbAudDeveloper kbSDKIESearch kbSDKIE400 kbSDKIE401

Last Reviewed: May 2, 1999
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By HTML, you mean after navigating to a site? Is the Nav_Complete event fired?
BigBossAuthor Commented:
bingie...thank you for your comment.
The DocumentComplete() event is an event of the WebBrowser control that is inserted inside my VB user control, and the VB user control is being used in HTML.
In the above case, the DocumentComplete() event of the WebBrowser control is not triggered, while it is triggered when my user control is used in a VB application.

I can not use the NaviagateComplete2() event because this event is triggered before the naviagtion is actually completed, while the DocumentComplete() event is triggered after everything in the HTML page have been downloaded to the browser.

Thanks again.
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