mciSendString fails on second play

I have a program displaying video, but it seems to only work the first time.  I use mciSendString with the following (in order, the "open" always succeeds).

open "%s" alias video1
play video1 fullscreen wait
close video1

The %s is replaced with the file name, obviously.  This works fine under Win2000, and under some WinXP setups.  But on most WinXP setups, the second time the video plays there is only sound, the screen is left blank white even if it is the same video file as the first time.

Am I missing a step or is there something funny going on?  If so, what?

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The only thing I found is that fullscreen flag should be used only when playing compressed files. (Uncompressed files won't play full-screen.) Is this your case?
KurtVonAuthor Commented:
If it helps any, the whole thing works fine (except for image size) if I leave out "fullscreen".
And the Win32 SDK Version 3.51 Bug List - Multimedia
- After executing the MCI command Play Fullscreen At End Element, Status Position can return the wrong value.
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KurtVonAuthor Commented:
Well, it is an mpeg1.  This doesn't happen with AVI files, but I can't find an mpeg file that isn't mpeg1, so I can't confirm this.  I thought mpeg1 was compressed, though.  It does play fullscreen, it just plays a blank screen on the second run (or locks up the machine completely never returning from the play command even on the first try if I force a start at frame 0).

My temporary fix is to send "window video1 state show maximized", but since that leaves a titlebar it isn't too hot a solution.
KurtVonAuthor Commented:
Well, I guess that's as good an answer as I'm going to get.  Thanks.
Sorry I couldn't be more helpfull.
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