Visual basic restart remote computer

Hello I am looking for a module that will allow me to restart remote computers.  Thanks
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ValidorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I've written a VB module to do this for you.  This should reboot any remote (or the local) machine running an NT-based operating system if you have sufficient rights.  Example:

Private Sub Command1_Click()
    RestartRemoteComputer "myserver", roReboot
End Sub


Public Declare Function InitiateSystemShutdown Lib "advapi32.dll" Alias "InitiateSystemShutdownA" (ByVal lpMachineName As String, ByVal lpMessage As String, ByVal dwTimeout As Long, ByVal bForceAppsClosed As Long, ByVal bRebootAfterShutdown As Long) As Long

Public Const roShutDown = 0
Public Const roReboot = 1

Public Sub RestartRemoteComputer(aComputerName As String, aRebootOption As Integer)
    InitiateSystemShutdown _
        aComputerName + Chr$(0), _
        "Shutting down...", _
        10, _
        1, _
End Sub

I don't know about remote computers, but you can force a system restart as long as your VB file is on their computer:;EN-US;168796

A problem in NT and 2000 and XP;en-us;176695#appliesto

Here is a VB script to reboot remote computer:

Just use tsshutdn ... it included in Windows 2000 and up... you can use it to restart remote servers..
As long you've got right for it on that server.

You also can call the program from VB or something like that.. just use WinEXec command for it.

Shut down a server in a controlled manner.

TSSHUTDN [wait_time] [/SERVER:servername] [/REBOOT] [/POWERDOWN]
         [/DELAY:logoffdelay] [/V]

  wait_time           Seconds to wait after user notification before
                      terminating all user sessions (default is 60).
  /SERVER:servername  The server to shut down (default is current).
  /REBOOT             Reboot the server after user sessions are terminated.
  /POWERDOWN          The server will prepare for powering off.
  /DELAY:logoffdelay  Seconds to wait after logging off all connected
                      sessions (default is 30).
  /V                  Display information about actions being performed.

Greetings Sicos..
bluedragon99Author Commented:
Very nice clean working code that matches the description of the question.  Thanks!
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