Language suggestion needed for project.

Ok here is my delimma. I have a website that is for a college orginazation and I was wanting to do member bios. Well there are about 50 members who are constantly changing and I dont want to code everything by hand and have to redo it all again next semester. So I know what you are thinking now, just use some sort of database and asp or php. Well, the college server where the info is hosted doesnt support asp php or cgi scripts. So does anyone have any suggestions for what I can do. I would like the info to be easily added to or changed if at all possible, as I will not be the webmaster forever. I do have quite a bit of html, java, C and PHP knowledge, and can pick up other languages quickly if you have a suggestion. I am also looking for a message board I could run on this site. Thanks for your help.

Here is a link to the page.  If you click on Matt McFadden you get a popup window.  It is that kind of info that I would like to be able to dynamicly pull somehow and not have it all hardcoded.
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VincentPugliaConnect With a Mentor Commented:

  You could maintain the 'database' in excel or a text editor, output it to a *.js file, and then include that to the main page (<script type='text/javascript' src='bios.js'></script>)

  the 'database' should look like the following:
  var memName = new Array("Matt McFadden","somebody", "someone else"....)
  var memImg = new Array("someFileName.jpg",......)
  var memBio = new Array();
  memBio[0] = "Matt has been the driving force of the fraternity since its inception...blah...blah...blah";
  memBio[1] = .......

Then within the main page simply create the page from the arrays:

  var txt= '<img src=' + memImg[num] + </img>'
  var txt+= '<br>Name: ' + memName[num] + '<br>';
  var txt += memBio[num]
  var popup =

where 'num' is passed when clicking on the original image.

Deleting & adding members will only involve consecutively changing the memBio cell numbers

<<doesnt support asp php or cgi scripts>>
Does it support any serverside language?
Perhaps the best you could do is use SSI's in .shtml pages.
You could change the extension of main page to .shtml and include a file for each person.  Each included file would have the persons image and the javascript to open the correct html page in the new window.  Create templates for the include file and the "detail" file for the popup window and it would be easy to add person.  Removing a person would be as simple as taking the include out of the main page.
nikerwAuthor Commented:
I did a little test and it does support ssi's, but I think you are trying to rebuild the wrong page on my site.  I don't really want to rebuild the main page.  I want to do the "detail" page or bio popup page as you put it.  Is there any way to design one page like that with ssi or any other language my server supports that would be able to display the info of whatever person was clicked on (like by passing a variable)?
nikerwAuthor Commented:
I awarded the points to Vincent, but would also like to know if there is any easy way to "output it to a *.js file" from excel?

  Been a while since I've played with Excel, but did you check 'Save As'?  If I remember right, you should be able to rename the file extension from *.txt to *.js.   If not, you might check printing the worksheet to a file (like a straight report).  [worse gets to worst, check with the Excel 'experts']

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