Turn Linksys cable router into regular router

I have some BEFSR41 Linksys cable routers.  Does anyone know to turn these into regluar network routers that can route to different subnets?  i.e. route traffic from a 192.x.x.x subnet to a 10.x.x.x.
This will save me having to purchase routers.

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In the routing tab, you should have an option to change Operating Mode from Gateway to Router. That should be all you need to do..
jupiterheadAuthor Commented:
I don't think its that easy.  I set it to router.  I assigned the Wan port as and the lan port I plug a 192.x.x.x computer into port 1 and can ping
I plug a computer into the wan port and for one thing I don't link lights when I plug directly into wan port, second, I can't ping from my computer.

Any ideas?
You have to use a crossover cable in the WAN port, or uplink it to another hub or switch...
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