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Posted on 2004-09-03
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-05
I've written a little online page editor using an IFRAME in designMode.  All works well except 1 thing that keeps bugging me.

When typing in the frame, upon pressing Enter, the IFRAME creates a new paragraph, however I want it only to move the cursor to the next line like a normal text editor.

I know that it can be done (eg. Hotmail and YahooMail) but dont know how.

Anyone know?
Question by:Cheney
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Expert Comment

ID: 11979574
press [Shift]+[Enter] to do a line break (<br>)

Author Comment

ID: 11984361
Is there not a way to get it to do it automatically when the user presses Enter?

Im sure there was a property that could be set that chooses either <p>'s or <br>'s to be created on a Enter, but I cant seem to find that information again.

Author Comment

ID: 11986749
I found out how to do it with a div:

<div contenteditable="true"></div>

Lets you enter text into the div. On enter the cursor moves down with double spacing.

<div contenteditable="true"><div></div></div>

Does the same but with single spacing.

So, i need to use an IFRAME so i have:

<iframe id="frame"></iframe>

with the javascript that makes it editable somewhere else.

I've tried nesting in a div but that still gave double line spacing.  But this is a good example of what Im looking for.
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Accepted Solution

Fahdmurtaza earned 500 total points
ID: 11987433
Well if you insist using <iframe> with the editor all you have to use is a javascript snipped that will monitor the keys pressed and if it an enter key what it will have to do is to just enter a line break i.e <br> not paragraph <p> tag. I hope you got the point!

Fahd Murtaza

Author Comment

ID: 11993323
ok, i've cobbled together a javascript function that replaces paragraphs with line breaks.  Seems to work well.  Cheers.
LVL 15

Expert Comment

ID: 11994337
Dear asker and experts.
Since this is a extremely interesting matter to both me and others who would search through EE PAQ`s i would like to ask you to post the final code, or atleast examples here...
I hope you all will see my point as we all try to built EE`s PAQ database to be the worlds finest.. And that a code snippet at the end of this thread would make it so much more valuable.

Thank you.

Expert Comment

ID: 11995166
Thanks Cheney ... despite of the fact that I am not an expert javascripter..you considered my answer..actually this thing brought me into this forum or you can say this forum is one of its kind. As far as Mattis's sujjestion is considered then I'll say he is 1005 right. We should share our ideas with enormous help essence in our feelings and sharing the things would make ee the best forum where experts exchange the ideas.

Author Comment

ID: 12012815
OK. Heres the code for a example.

I've stripped it down to get rid of all the formatting functions, etc. Its a very hack'n'slash solution and needs some checking so it doesnt parse when a selection is being made.

It works in IE, but i wouldnt know about any other browsers, i'm a newbie to javascript :D

<!-- Put this into your body -->
<iframe id = "editor"></iframe><br/>
<a href = "javascript:parse()">PARSE</a><br/>
<textarea id = "before"></textarea><br/>
<textarea id = "after"></textarea><br/>

<!-- At the end of the body or a seperate js file -->
setInterval("parse()", 100);

function parse()
      var oldHTML = editor.document.body.innerHTML;
      var newHTML = "";
      // Display current HTML code
      before.value = oldHTML;
      // Process and save results
      for(var i = 0; i < oldHTML.length; i++)
            // IFRAME inserts "<P>&nbsp;</P>" at a new line, filter it out.
            if(oldHTML.substring(i, i + 13) == "<P>&nbsp;</P>"){i += 12; continue;}
            // Filter "<P>" and replace "</P>" with "<BR>"
            if(oldHTML.substring(i, i + 3) == "<P>"){i += 2; continue;}
            if(oldHTML.substring(i, i + 4) == "</P>"){i += 3; newHTML += "<BR>"; continue;}
            // Add current character to newHTML
            newHTML += oldHTML.charAt(i);
      // Show resulting code
      after.value = newHTML;
      // Refresh HTML in IFRAME
      editor.document.body.innerHTML = newHTML;


Author Comment

ID: 12012840
If you could get the IFRAME to respond to key events it would make things easier, but I can't.
LVL 15

Expert Comment

ID: 12014398
Thank you Cheney. :-)
LVL 20

Expert Comment

ID: 12697422
I tried for 2 days (at 8 hours a day) to work with the event model in IE to add to shift to the keypress... I couldn't get it to work (I'm trying to use HTMLArea 3.0 but don't want that problematic feature)...

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