Focus-Lost Event

How can we programmatically fire a Focus Lost event inside a function (so the program can go & do the code of the focus lost event, and then return to the function)?
Thanks in advance :)
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Mayank SConnect With a Mentor Associate Director - Product EngineeringCommented:
I guess you need to create a FocusEvent object and post it to the event-queue using EventQueue.postEvent ().
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mte01Author Commented:
To clarify my question:

I want to do the following inside a function:

DefaultFocusManager fm = new DefaultFocusManager();

so I can programmatically process the TAB Key Event (as if the user has pressed this key - because some naive users foeget to press it after finishing editing). The problem with this code is that KeyEvent.VK_TAB is an integer not a KeyEvent object (and there is no overloaded function to take a component and a KeyEvent object), so what do I do?

P.S.: I want the code to be compatible to java 1.3.* (not above)
mte01Author Commented:
That did the trick! It initiated the focus Lost event, but my original problem was not solved (which I thought the focus_Lost event would solve it); I will post it in a new question
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