Suggest a good set of test data to use for a program that gives an employee $50 bonus check if the employee has produced more than 1,000 items in a week.

Posted on 2004-09-04
Last Modified: 2012-08-13
I am learning about programming and do not quite understand it fully yet.  I would appreciated it you could explain it to me how to set a test data for the question above.  Once I see how this is done I should be on the right track,  
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this is for Programming Logic and Design and need to set up a test data.......

I have read most of the viewing questions....I am really amazed what all is involved in programming....I am taking programming because it is one of my requirement.  I was told it will get easier but it looks so hard!  :)  As I said before maybe once I see how to set test data for the question above, I will be able to understand it better.
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Is this perhaps a homework assignment?  If so EE experts cannot do it for you.  Please show what you have come up with thus far and we can help you complete it.

Consider boundary conditions, illogical values, no values, etc.


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Bonus $50 if Items are >1000

This is what I came up with but I know it doesn't seem much.  Like I said, I needed an example to have a better understanding about test data.  All I know is about variable name, 6 logic steps, flowchart and pseudocode.  It would have been easier if I had one example from the question and be able to see exactly how it is set up.  

By the way, I wasn't asking for an answer or help with my homework.  I wanted a general idea exactly what I was suppose to be looking for or exactly what they mean by suggest a good set of test data for this problem.  What I was asking if you could show me another problem similar like this to be able to know what they mean by a good set of test data for any problems.  I understand that you can't do it for me which I have no problem with that.  :)  I understand if you do not want to help, I will cancel this question and figure it out somehow.  Thx for your time and help!
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I tried to help with my suggestions on types of data to look at
Since this isn't homework I will be happy to help.

There are 2 basic ways to find good test data.
First is to look at the requirements and develop a set of data.
Second is to know something about the code and choose data baed on the code.

Data to test with
Boundary conditions
   Emp1  999  - result NO BONUS
   Emp2 1000 - result NO BONUS
   Emp3 1001 - result $50 BONUS

Illogical or possibly illegal values
   Emp4  -1      - result  Warning for bad data
   Emp5  -999  - result  Warning for bad data
   Emp6 -1000 - result  Warning for bad data
   Emp7 -1001 - result  Warning for bad data

No values
   Emp8          - result Waiting for sales
   100             - result - May accept as the name


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Thx for replying back....if I understand correctly in what you are trying to say is....

Emp1-3 -  employee numbers which you used is to identify each employee name

999-1001 - is a employees code or ID number

emp1 and 2 did not received the bonus since they did not produced more than 1000 items per week

Am I correct?  I think I understand it now and really appreciated your help therefore you will received the point!  Again thx!  
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Emp1-7 Employee name or id
999-1001 -Sales for the period


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Oh, I got it it makes sense...didn't darn on me about being the amount of items per week  Thank you so much for your time and help....
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Glad I could help


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