Toshiba SD-M1712 DVD Recorder burning software


I have a Toshiba SD-M1712 DVD Recorder which I'm having trouble burning to DVD using Nero 6. It seems, when I get it to identify the DVD recorder, it doesn't recognise it and just suggests sending an email to them with the details.. Does anyone know of software that can burn to DVDs using the aforementioned DVD-ROM?

Thanks in advance...
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Does the drive come with a drivers disk?  You may need to have installed the drivers before adding the DVD drive to the system - check your drive documentation.
Also, what is your IDE setup - is the drive a master or slave, and what else is on the IDE channel?
Does your BIOS recognise the presence of a cd/dvd drive?
nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I looked in the supported drives page at nero, and did not find the drive you specify.

Look here :
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carttiAuthor Commented:
thanks nobus, i couldn't actually find a support page that gave such a list. At least that confirms my fears about Nero. Would you know of an alternative software package that does cater for my drive?

gor_c, i'll find out the bios info soon. In the meantime, the drive is recognised in the sense it can read CDs (I have no DVDs to check with, except blanks). It can't seem to read blank DVDs. Do blank DVDs need to be formatted in some way to be "read"? The blanks are DVD-R. I'm sure these are compatible with my drive, can anyone confirm?

Thanks again.
If it reads cds then most likely it is recognised in the bios so you don't need to check it.
Try looking for an updated firmware version for that drive (check what the update fixes to see if it will be beneficial).
I did a quick search on google, the drive you specified seems to be just a dvd reader, not a writer.
Check on your packaging or on the drive itself, are you sure that is the model number?
Ph0nyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is a wide range of software other then Nero Burning Rom on the market.

I suggest you try any alternative, maby one will fit your needs?

Cheeta DVD Burner (
BurnQuick (
FireBurner (

There is alot more, just use Google, or to find one.

If you insist you want to use Nero I suggest that you first upgrade the burning-software if that is possible. Latest stable version from Ahead is Then you upgrade any possible drivers for the burner. I suggest you head over to the Toshiba webpage and look them up. Third you consult your drives documentation.

Blank CDs and DVDs must be, as you say formatted to be able to be read. Often, if you have a fully functional software installed you will se, or atleast I do something like this "Q:/Empty DVD/CD" in explorer.

carttiAuthor Commented:
gor_c, that's the right model number. A friend built my PC for me about a year ago. I never needed to use the DVD drive until now. I automatically assumed it could write (cos mostly he was claiming that the PC had all bells and whistles on it). It would explain a lot if it was only a reader as you say. Do you have a link that confirms the drive to be only a reader?

Ph0ny, thanks for the info. I will certainly keep all that in mind.
carttiAuthor Commented:
Thanks, you've saved me a lot of time.
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