Stop IP from surfing in Cisco 2620 - ATTN lrmoore


Ever since the othr tech responded to our thread, I was asked to pay to see the rest.

All the lines were added over a year 1/2 ago by Cisco tech, and yes I wanted to stop pings and it's working. We had way to many people pinging our site one year and decided to put a stop to it.

Just enter those to command lines and that will take care of it?

Bob Ross

I'll pay you for both if I can figure out how to get in to the other one.

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lrmooreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Looks like you took care of the other question already...

Anyway, here's how to change an access-list. It is a 4-step process.
<hint> cut and paste your current acl into notepad </hint>
1. remove the acl from the interface, i.e.
   interace serial 0/0
    no ip access-group 104 in

2. delete the acl:
   no access-list 104

3. re-input the acl in the new order that you want (you did this in your notepad session with the existing acl)
  Copy the new acl in notepad
  From either telnet session or hyperTerm session, right-click and "paste to host"
  Your new access-list has been input

4. re-apply the acl to the interface
  interace serial 0/0
    ip access-group 104 in

I keep a text script handy with my acls that change once in a while. I can edit the order of the acl and add anything I want, even notes

  interace serial 0/0
    no ip access-group 104 in

  no access-list 104
  access-list 104 remark added as response to IAVA # xxxx
  access-list 104 deny tcp any any 445

  access-list 104 remark added to prevent incoming pings
  access-list 104 deny icmp any any echo
 access-list 104 remark added 9/5/04
  access-list 104 permit tcp any any established
  access-list 104 permit udp any eq domain any
  access-list 104 deny ip any any log

  interace serial 0/0
    ip access-group 104 in
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