I just reinstalled the OS - Datacenter Edition

When installing Terminal Server from Add Windows Components it says all programs already installed have to be reinstalled from Add or Remove Programs Add new programs.

I had the Omega ATi package installed with ATITool, Multires and RadLinker (are they perfectly win2k3 compatable like the Omega package?) so uninstalled all after the reboot.

The Remote Administration package was installed at the same time as Terminal Server - I uninstalled it anyway.

When I go to Add or Remove Programs Add new programs there is only the option to install from CD or Floppy - the Omega Package with extras is on my hard drive - what should I do?

Is everything I've described here right?

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harleyjdConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The "remote admin" package is a Terminal Server version that allows 2 sessions without using a Terminal Service CAL or needing a licencing server. If you choose terminal server as an option then you get prompted to choose remote admin or application server.

When choosing new apps the system searches CD or floppy, then if is can't find an executable file with the part name "setup" will prompt you to find the file. You then need to chage the "file type" to "all programs" or "all files" otherwise it will display only setup.exe and derivatives.

Alternatively, at a command prompt type "change user /install" then run the package from explorer, then type "change user /execute" to finalize the install.

My only queston - why do you want a graphics card manipulator on a terminal server?


Serotonin_X_InfiniteAuthor Commented:
Thanks. I'm using it similar to a workstation also.
Yay, my first answer! Thanks...

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Serotonin_X_InfiniteAuthor Commented:
What do you do with the dialog box behind saying click next when installation is finished with setups that require a reboot?
Serotonin_X_InfiniteAuthor Commented:
Can setups be launched from other locations? Is there anything else that should be taken into precaution?
It doens't matter if the app forces a restart - the dialog box is an automated way of doing the /change user thing, and the server restarts in execute mode anyway.

Yes, setups can be launched from anywhere
Serotonin_X_InfiniteAuthor Commented:
Great. Hope your ok if your in Florida.
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