deny users s/w install rights on stand-alone WinXP

I have some users that I want to make sure can not install software on Windows XP from their user (not Admin) accounts.

I have denied access to the Add/Remove .cpl but that does not stop them from being able to install apps using self-installer setups.

I would be happy to do this using either the registry or group policy.


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Worked4meConnect With a Mentor Commented:

  Yes you can use the GP it's in Computer Configuration, Administrative Templates, Windows Components,
  Windows Installer, Disable Windows Installer, and Prohibit User Installs

  Good Luck
dis1931Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Denying access to add/remove doesn't do much other than stop them from using add/remove for installing apps which most people don't even use in the first place....making a user part of the user group in general prevents installation of applications.

raybassConnect With a Mentor Commented:
All applications (well, 99% or so) have to use the Windows Installer to install themselves.  Just disable the Windows Installer service in the Services part of computer management.  Any time you need to install something just re-enable it.

Start->Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Services, double click "Windows Installer," change start state from "Manual" to "Disable".  Viola.  This can also be done with group policy, but probably not worth the search to find it in there...  Something about "Disable windows installer" under computer configuration.

Good luck!
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wheels4meAuthor Commented:
Thanks people!  Those are great answers.  I had spent some time looking at GPedit and yet missed the Windows installer part.  

Run Gpedit 3-4 mouse clicks later and I had exactly what I wanted.

The other two answers got points for being good and timely, but the GP answer is really the one I wanted.

Much faster and better here than the microsoft.windowsxp newsgroup where the guy did not even read the question and used RTFM in his signature.

There's a manual for windows xp?
i think microsoft calls it that is just a guess...LOL

  Glad to help wheels4me..
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