looking for security scripts

hello experts,

I just got a new server and want to tweak it so that I get informed about all and everything that is interesting.

I am looking for scripts that I could run on a daily base so that my server auto optimizes itself, cleans temp files etc.

I found a massive list of howtos at the ev1 forums and I used most of them - however, im still looking for more scripts - i dont care if its perl / php or anything else. as long as its working, not compromising my system and makes sense.

as an example: im not looking for scripts that will change the bg color of the shell, but I just upped a script that auto optimizes my mysql dbs once a day via cron.

your help is appreciated :)
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could you please specify what "everything" means for you
also which OS are you on?
_bansheeAuthor Commented:
hmm sorry - im on linux, redhat fedora core 2 to be precise.

everything means any script that doesnt contain malicious code and does something i'd have to do otherwise like removing files from tmp or something like that.

optimization scripts are welcome as well as scripts that inform me about events that occur (like disk usage, port scans, logins etc)
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_bansheeAuthor Commented:

are particularly interesting. which one of these two should i use, since i dont think one would install both

moreover - do you have more links to archives with scripts that run so i dont have to do the same things over and over again?
my preference is chkrootkit 'cause it is simple to integrate into a cronscript, not much experiance with the other sorry ...
_bansheeAuthor Commented:
good - ill keep that in mind then.

anything else you can recommend?
dooh, my link list has some 10^3 entries, then you can search the web too ....
you realy need to narrow down what you want
_bansheeAuthor Commented:
hmm lets see:

i am looking for scripts that

a.) either optimize my system (cleaning garbage, optimizing DBs (got one for that)
b.) check the integrity of the sys (got a rootkit now, but i bet theres more to see)
c.) inform me about events on the system

anything that fits in these sections
a.) nothing specific known (to me) 'cause it all depends on your system and requirements
    probably in a cron once a day:  /bin/rm -rf /tmp/* /tmp/.*
b.) see links above
c.) see links above +
    tail -f /var/log/messages
    http://www-nrg.ee.lbl.gov/    ARPwatch
_bansheeAuthor Commented:
good. thanks :)

I guess that will be enough.
glad to have helped you cutting into the jungle of links ;-)
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