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flashing bios for mercury motherboard ( confused)

helloo all
I have a mercury motherboard model number ( KOB P4M266 NDFSMX ) with AMI bois chipset ,,,, I want to flash the bios because of the message cmos error which apear each time I start the pc .
from the mercury web site I got the latest bios upgrade for this M.B I download the file ,its name (020905s.ROM) .and according to mercury readme file flash utility is required to flash the bios (seems the file which has been downloaded is a data file and need an application to excute it), anyway I went to flash utlity section I found 3 files :
actually I donno which file is the one which is supposed to copy to flash disk with 020905s.ROM
so I tried them all but
aminf337 give me an error that (file not found) which file I don't know
aminf339 give me the same dam message
flash821 give me an error after starting (chipset is not supported)

I know I missed something
please any help will be appricieted
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2 Solutions
You may need to specify the file name of the BIOS image to the flashing program e.g "Aminf337.exe 020905s.ROM". You'll therefore need to do this in MS-DOS, or create a batch file on the floppy.

I would have expected all of this to have been done for u.

I suggest this: first try and find out which flash program is meant for your motherboard.
(Sounds like the first 2 are correct, but the Aminf339 may be a later version).
Restart computer in msdos mode, then run "Aminf337 /?" and it may give information about how to run it.  If u don't understand it, send me a listing of that info and I'll try and help.

If the command does not do anything, then just try "Aminf339 020905s.ROM", but it's a bit risky.

You may need to create an "autoexec.bat" file to automatically run this command when the computer starts.
fadlounAuthor Commented:
very good point ,,, how did I forget it ,,,,, BUT still stuck
I got the same error message (file doesn't exist) By mistake I wrote it above file not found

here is the result
H : Help|?
.A : Auto detecting&Programming flash ROM
.B : To force Boot Block Programming
C : Load BIOS CMOS default values without warning the user about
.any configuration change
.D : Clear passwords during loading CMOS defaults
.E : Clear CMOS after programming done
.G : GPNV data area reserving
.I : Identification BIOS file is right for this system or not
.N : To force NVRAM programming
.O : Flash functions call from BIOS file
.P : To make [Security] item visible
.R : Force reboot after programming done
.File_name] : To save Flash ROM data into file AND quit[
etryNumber] : Retry if programming fails. The [RetryNumber] can be 0 - 65535
.This function is only for command line mode .
.File_name] : To update utility's modules data[
.V : Verify BIOS checksum
.X : Enter utility's user interface without system checking
Options> : Disable flags<-

more help plz
That listing seems to be missing some formatting..

Anyway, you'll want to use the option to identify if the bios is right or not, then save flash rom to disk as backup, and finally to flash the rom itself.

Try "Aminf339 /I 020905s.ROM" first, what do u get?
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Check out this website fadloun:

Double check that the rom file is correct for your motherboard.
fadlounAuthor Commented:
helloooo gor
I did type :a:\Aminf339 /I 020905s.ROM
it does work BUT after showing alot of informatio about my system it prompt me to press any key to  continue when ready ,,,,,I pressed and it starts flashing the bios eventually and before the progress bar finish the monitor turn into black and the led become orange (data lost) and the keyboard stuck (numlock is not working) and no reading from A Drive :(
I am afriad to restart the pc ,,, I don't know what to do coz I know that flashing bios is a risky process and should not stopped for any reason,,, I dono why it stopped like this

I am sticking here waiting for your reply bro

hmm... the thing is it should not have started flashing the BIOS. It is possible that the file was wrong or corrupted, but then again the progress bar may simply have jumped from, say, 80% to 100% because whatever process was supposed to be done finished quickly. It is equally possible that you may now have a dead motherboard with practically no way of reviving it. Had I noticed this earlier, I would have told you the error you get at the start of booting, "cmos error", may be due to a bad battery on the motherboard or the CMOS Reset jumper stuck in the "reset" position. Ideally, you would have then checked with a new battery and maybe you would have found the error no longer appeared. Right now you might just be in a lot of trouble. If you cannot read from the A: drive, and you cannot tell the flashing process to try another BIOS, you have only the option of rebooting the PC and hoping for the best. If at that time, the system does not boot, you may be in big trouble. I would suggest contacting the reseller, if they offer recovery services, and asking for a new flash of the BIOS (assuming they have the necessary tools). Just tell them what happened, you tried to flash, it didn't work, and how much does a recovery cost.

Good luck to you fadloun and I hope, for your sake, that the flashing process did get to complete.
If the flashing has failed, you have 2 options to restore it yourself:

1) bootblock method
2) hot swapping

for method 1:
1) power off your system
2) check the jumper setting for the 'clear cmos'; make sure it's set to normal
3) check if there's a jumper for allowing bios flash (seen on some mobo's)
4) format a floppy, put the correct bios file on it, but rename it to 'AMIBOOT.ROM'
5) put the floppy in the drive and power up
6) if bootblock bios is available, the floppydrive will spin-up and reflash your bios...

I wouldn't recommend the 'hot swapping' method, although I've used it succesfully in the past; It's a very risky method...

further reading: 

Blue Rishi
fadlounAuthor Commented:
helloo again
seems M.board has gone,,,, after restarting the computer the keyboard blink once and there is no signal on the screen ,actually there were 2 vga cards one built in and one on agp slot ,,,,,
if the agp card inserted in the slot no signal from both cards ,, if removed and connect the monitor to built-in one I got message on the monitor ( out the range).
I think this mother board doesn't support bootblock method ,,,, I have checked the manual ( downloaded it from mercury site) no such a thing ,and I try to do what you said about amiboot.rom , the drive A led doesn't blink at all .
but I notice that there are 2 jumpers I didn't saw them before one (the manual mentions to ) and I don't know what are they supposed to do
J13 :
3-pin Flash ROM Voltage
(VCC) 5V: Short Pins 1-2
          3V: Short Pins 2-3
 3-pin Flash ROM Size
 2M: Short Pins 1-2
 4M: Short Pins 2-3

do you think those jumpers related to my problem ( flashing stuck) or are related to bootblock method

About the bootblock method, this feature comes with modern bioses, although is not always implemented by mobo manufracturers. Sometimes you need to press a key combination to activate bootblock bios (like alt - F2)

3-pin Flash ROM Voltage, not sure; could be for selecting between 3V/5V eeprom chips. On the other hand, on older boards you'd have to short a jumper before flashing; without supplying 12V to a certain pin (1?) it couldn't erease/program the chip (on even older chips you'd have to use UV-light for ereasing).

2M/4M: is for selecting eeprom size, typically 2Mbit=256Kb (actually have never seen 4Mbit but now they're around...). If the *.rom file is 512Kb in size, It should be on 4M, otherwise (256/128Kb .rom file) leave it on 2Mb.

Blue Rishi
fadlounAuthor Commented:
 I think hot swapping is the only solution I can do ,,, so I'll try to get same motherboard and do that.
but still wondering why flashing bios stopped like this ,,, I am sure I got the correct bios update.
anyway :
thank you all for your help
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