Cannot enter "design form" with contact-form, but with any other form

Hi all,

I have a very strange behavior of my local outlook. Let me start from the beginning.

I'm supporting an old VB6 programmed application which synchronizes outlook contacts with a central database and vice versa. The contacts for this synchronizing process are using a custom form. It uses the Outlook COM-Objects.

A few days ago, I had this application running and while moving a contact there was a runtime error.
Afterwards my outlook was extremly slow, but anything was working (about 50x slower than before).

After a restart of the system, the application could not access the contacts. An error "The form you selected could not be displayed. The operation failed" is displayed.

I deleted the form and cleared the forms-cache. After that I tried to reimport the form with the .oft file, but if I doubleclick on it, outlook freezes for about 45 seconds and nothing else happens. Sometimes there is a error message “The messaging interface has returned an unknown error. If the problem persists, restart Outlook”

I can open any contacts, which are using the original contact form.
I can select  "Choose from" from the Tools-Menu and select the contact form. This works fine.

But I cannot use "Design form" from the Tools-Menu and select the Contact form. In this case, the designer window opens, is filled completly white, and contains for a few seconds the tabs "General / Details / Activities / Certificates / All fields" before they disappear after about 5 seconds, the window closes and the error "The form you selected could not be displayed. The operation failed" error occurs.

I uninstalled MS Office, reinstalled it and the same behavior is there. I installed SP2 for XP and SP1 for Office. After this the same problem is still there.

I created a new profile and the problem is still there.

I have no idea what the problem could be. It can't be a file of Office, at least not one in the MS Office directory, because all of them were deleted while reinstalling the package.

The only thing I can imagine is one of the systems dll's. But how to find the correct one. Or could it be the standard contact form? But I can open the contacts form with standard contacts Only not in the "design form" mode.  The form designer should also not be the problem, because I can open any other form in it in the "design form" mode.

So actually I am lost. maybe one of you guys can help me. I don't want to reinstall the complete system if it is not absoletely necessary...

Thanks in Advance
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stefriConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Has this form embedded code?
Did you try to open it using Shift Left Click to prevent the code to run when the form opens?
HugoHiaslAuthor Commented:
Our custom form has embedded code in it.  But the standard contact form can also not be opened with the Tools->Design Form  menu. With Appointment-Forms or the other ones theres no problem.

When do I have to press the shift button. Which way of open the form do I have to execute to test this ?

Is there anywhere a list of non MS Office Files which are used by Outlook? So that I could replace this DLL oder whatever they are by original versions?

Thanks for this first fast reply...
if you have an oft, shift click
If from Tools/Actions/New xxxx: shift click
If from: Tools/Forms/Design a form: shift clcik
Shift Click does not fire the item_open sub in the code
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HugoHiaslAuthor Commented:
This didn't help.

I even let the windows install job run over the installation to reset the files. Even this doesn't help.

I cannot design a form which is a custom form or the original contact form. all other forms  are working.

I can't image whats going on...
HugoHiaslAuthor Commented:
A short description about the attempts to get rid of this behavior..

I removed Office 2003, cleaned the registry keys, reinstalled office 2003. Didn't help.

removed Office 2003 cleaned the registry, installed Office XP.... Same problem is there.  

removed Office XP´, cleaned registry, run the install job of Windows XP over the existing Operatiing system as Update. Then installed office 2003. The same behavior is still there...

I'm driving crazy about this.

Best regards
Did you clean the form cache?
Could you check the contact.cfg in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office10\forms\1033
Comment=This form is used to create contacts.









Maybe the CLSID is corrupted or inexistant?
HugoHiaslAuthor Commented:
Yes the forms cache was cleared. The whole office 2003 was reinstalled...

even replaced by office xp and again replaced by office 2003. The same problem occurs in outlook 2003 and outlook XP. if I try to open the form IPM.Contact with "choose form" all is ok. The form pops up.

If I try "design form" it freezes and after 30 seconds or so there ist the message "The form you selected could not be displayed"

Also holding the shift key while clicking on it doesn't change anything.

I can find the DesignerRuntimeGuid={0006F020-0000-0000-C000-000000000046} as Outlook Form Factory in my registry.

But I can't find the CLSID {00061031-0000-0000-C000-000000000046} in my registry. Are you sure it must be there? Because a double check against the appt.cfg and the CLSID in this file also couldn't find the CLSID {00061030-0000-0000-C000-000000000046} in the registry.

Best regards

HugoHiaslAuthor Commented:
Oh. And the .cfg file is ok on my installation.
I constated the mentionned CLSID 00061031-0000-0000-C000-000000000046 was not part f the registry too.
When you reinstalled office, did you clean up all the registry (MSoffice leftovers) ?
I am clueless for the time being
Reformat will do the trick but this is the very last action to think about....
PS: Are other Gurus, Wizard or Sage reading this thread.....
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